Monday, 28 May 2007

To share...

Just wanna share a layout I made this month during National Scrapbook Day, 5th May.
It was an easy layout, but it took some time because of the sewing.
Have to buy more white cardstock, almost out of stock (yeah... I also run out of stock sometimes..hehehe...)
Anyways... try to post before my weekend at SAG again, not promissing you anything :)

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Only a few days...

Before I go to Scrap-a-Ganza, a weekend full of scrapbooking workshops, make-n-takes and loads of fun!!
Really looking forward to it. Will be sharing a room with a woman from Belgium.
P.P. will go with me the morning/afternoon so we can go to the beach and hang out a bit.

Friday I had my 2nd class of photography. There was a model we had to photograph. Really inspiring, especially the people who are there as well, learning so much from them! Unfortunately I'm not able to come next time as I'm in Egmond aan Zee already for SAG (Scrap a Ganza). Really excited as I absolutely love modelphotography a lot. Hopefully I'll learn a lot :)

Anyways... yesterday I bougt myself a new bikini for this summer. Some blue, green and yellow in it.
Also bought new candels at Xenos. Love those!! After that went shopping for the groceries at Hoogvliet and Lidl. They didn't have cola at Lidl anymore so we just wait and see.
Today I'm scrapping a lot. Making a planner for SAG where I can see what workshop I have to attend, what time and what to bring with me. Hopefully this will help me in my chaos :)

Will leave you with a picture of the prize I won with my quote:

Monday, 21 May 2007


Fabulous! That's how I feel. Feeling really lucky the last week after winning some National Scrapbook challenges and when I checked the weblog of one of my fave stampingstores, I came to the conclusion I won some really great Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl goodies!!
Never happened to me before winning loads of prizes.

Though there's also the other side... wanted to become a member of a DesignTeam, but wasn't the one they were looking for. No problem, as I was just trying my 2nd time. Not bad at all and already feel lucky winning loads of prizes!

Also feeling fabulous the bachelorette party has finished the 12th. Had a day full of fun, but really stressfull, specially with organizing this. So I made a promise myself: Will NOT, I say NOT!!, do this a second time like this has been. So didn't like it at all!! But it's all behind now.

Last Wednesday was the wedding and I must say it was ok. Really love the party!! They had a great disco playing 70's & 80's music. Wow!! That's partytime for me! :)
Also went to the photoshoot and wow.... that's so great to be a part of it! Really loved it how the photographer worked and I made some very, very, very great photos of the weddingcouple.
Learned a lot as well about lightning and the setting, background etc. Really usefull! And the groom's stepdad also like to photograph so we were talking about photography and now I have an invitation to come to him with P.P. and see photos he made. Learned so much of him that day!
Will not post a photo I made, the couple has to see them first :)

Last Saturday P.P. and I went to a 70's party with P.P.'s best friend Peter, Peter's 2 sisters and his wife Anita. Enjoyed it so much. Danced and sang a lot! It was great!!! *really big smile*
Also knew some songs P.P. didn't know. Why I did know them? Uhhmmm... I'm still a really big fan of Take That :) And they had a 70's medley quite some years ago (about 14 years..hehe) and therefor I knew the songs last Saturday :) Really funny to notice.
Yesterday, Sunday, we had it quite quiet. Went to church. Some children did their Holy Communion (?? Did I spell it right??) and had to play flute with the child's choir. After that went to my grandpa and grandma. Liked it to see them again.
Had a relaxed afternoon after.

Today I had to work again after not working since last Tuesday :)
Just came home from the child's choir. They were terrible! Didn't listen at all to the director and I don't wanna play the teacher all day, but I just had to! Well... just wait and see next Saturday when they have to sing again *keeping fingers crossed*

Well... leave you with the comment I left on the blog I won a prize at last week!
Gotta watch the Musical Awards (another hobby of mine: going to musicals!), after that reading the new Creating Keepsakes I just found on the doormat *yahoo!!!*. And after that... uhhmm... it's bedtime :)

Friday, 11 May 2007


About having a bachelor's party this next Saturday of a friend of mine who will be getting married next Wednesday.
Have organized it as well with friends of her boyfriend. Really excited what will happen.... Got some nice plans in mind, now if they only happen :)
We will see. Will be a witness for her as well next Wednesday, so double excited. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather will be a lot better than! It's only 15 degrees Celcius or so and since Monday it's been raining!!! And today it was terrible!! Rainy all day. Just keeping fingers crossed :)

On the other side... life isn't easy at the moment. Feeling really tired all the time, even though today was my 4th day at work since a 2 week holidaybreak. Things at work really keep my head busy a lot which isn't quite good and that's why I'm still awake at 0.30 am Fridaymorning. Ah well... better go now.
Will talk about Saturday's party later on.


Monday, 7 May 2007

I'm a winner!!

Really still can't believe it, but I won 2 challenges on a scrapsite this weekend due to National Scrapbook Day!!!

Can you believe it?? Me winning something?? Me neither!! It was so much fun to participate! :)
I won some Fontwerks-stamps with a challenge where we had to look for a layout in the gallery with some words on it. Boy... it was really hard to find this one I tell ya. Overlooked it twice at least, seen the entire gallery of that page (at least 9000 images I guess), but I'm overwhelmed by ideas from it! Really love that gallery!! :)
Anyways... the second challenge was hard for me and a really tough one as I have my stampingsupplies, other than my 7Gypsies framestamps and my foamstamps, with Peter-Paul. We had to use 1 stamp at 3 ways.
I used my 7Gypsies framestamp for:
  1. Frames around my photos (see layout)
  2. Backgroundfiller (see 2nd layout)
  3. Journalingstamp (no image, later on I guess)

Won 2 Fontwerks-stamps in this challenge and I really like them a lot!! :)

Also scrapped a lot this weekend: 7 layouts; 4 8,5x11" and 3 12x12". Did find some time to eat. And I really, really enjoyed myself being busy with these challenges. They challenged me to use my supplies on another way, especially with the stamps-challenge. Liked it!

Today I had to go back to work after 2 weeks off. Had to replace a colleague who's on vacation. It also rained alot here. Since 22nd March it hasn't rained, so it's good for all the trees, plants, etc. Love it! Also.. told you about me going to the hairdresser right?? Well... my other colleagues complimented me loads of times with my new hairdo which I'm proud off. Actually I always have the same hairdo, but the hairdresser cut it the same, but played more with the result. So I still have my same do, but I just style it different. Went home early. Didn't want to stay long. Did some shopping for work. We're making cakes this week with all the 4 groups 1 and I volunteered to buy the products which is fun. But still need some biscuits, so I'm off right now. TTYL!

XXX, Ang������lique

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Scrapbooking Day!

***Update: Just received my pb (pizzabox) from ClubScrap with loads of great goodies in it! Love the colors all the goodies have!!***

Yeah! In the USA it's National Scrapbooking Day today, 5th May. They always have loads of activities like competitions, workshops etc. this day and that's why I will be near the computer the whole day.
Already went to the hairdresser really early (9 am) and after that did the groceries for the next couple of days. Will be scrapping loads! Got some 8,5x11" albums lately and I discovered I like that size of scrapping as well. So probably will make some layouts for those albums today and tomorrow.

Yesterday I got my scrappingvibe back and it feels really, really great! Made so many cards lately I wanted to do some good old scrapping again :)
Made a layout of my brother with his girlfriend. The photo was made a few months before. It's a bit blurry, but I like it so much. True love that is :)
Made it 8,5x11", the perfect size for this photo and I like the quote. A really simple layout, but turned out perfectly for me.
Used Bazzill cardstock, Bazzill flowers, Autumn Leaves button, American Crafts pen and my fonts on the pc. Thanks for looking!

Going to scrap!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Queen's Day

Yesterday it was Queen's Day in The Netherlands and this year I decided to sell some stuff. It was great, exept for going out of bed at 4.10 am!!! Thought that would be a nice time, so we could leave home at 5 am so we did and wow!!! I was totally shocked when I saw loads of people already sitting at the "Fred" (as we call the Frederik Hendriklaan here in The Hague).
There wasn't any room for me to sit, so I decided to sit at another road. We were there at 5.30 am and boy, it was so, so, so cold!! It was good P.P. left his shirt with me so I could wear that as well.
But at about 9.30 am it went out, as it was getting to warm and at 11 am I was sitting in my tshirt!
Really enjoyed watching all the people looking for stuff.

My parents and P.P. came as well, by bike. It was good and they also walked the Fred. I didn't. Left once to go to the toilet.
It was a day to remember and time passed quickly, couldn't believe that. It was fun.

Left at 4.30 pm or so with not many Euro's extra, but enjoyed the vibe.

By the way... as I was at fairs when I was younger, I saw a difference yesterday.
In the old days we didn't have to show people everything we had, but could leave stuff in boxes, they always went into them searching for stuff. Now yesterday, we had to show everything as people weren't searching any boxes!
Also made some cards, only sold one!! People overhere are still looking for 3d-cards and I think people aren't ready for stamped and scrapped cards yet, but that's just my opinion. Cause when I send my cards to people they really like them and are stunned about them!!
So... got to find a solution for that...

Not much more to say. Going to P.P. today, cleaning his house, doing some laundry, he's going to paint the stairs. Maybe even going to Ikea (
Will also be cleaning my stampingroom there.

Leave you with a photo...