Thursday, 27 September 2007

Some things to show you...

Ok, haven't posted in a long time... too busy at work, but it's going alright. Not having the problems I had last year and I have a class of 14 kids instead of 24 like last year, but as always, the number is growing at 1st Kindergarten.
Really enjoying myself and give the kids the attention they deserve! I so love that as I think the first thing for them is creating a safe classroom where they feel alright and they can talk about everything. And most importantly... knowing they are all important, whether they are black, white, asian, etc. They have to get that selfrespect.
Anyways.. enough about my job...

Created quite a few layouts lately *bit of pride here....* *smile*
Here's one I made of my BF's nieces this Easter. The little one fell on the ground, so her big sister comforted her... You can see a tear under her eye... so super I captured that!
And a detail photo with the stitching and Prima-flowers on it.
Here's one of Gizmo, my cute cat with her tongue out of her mouth. I just captured it on photo and so proud of it! The paper is from Bo Bunny and I so love it!
Ok, next one... I didn't make this one, but Lilian did We did a photoswap and she made a layout of my and my friend Merel. A great friend who travels the world quite a bit. She's really cool and is (only a bit!!) more extreme and outgoing than me, but it just feels right.
Also a detailshot.
And here's the layout I made for Lilian. I like it more in real life :)
Anyways... will leave you with something I heard last week and guess it should be appropriate to me someday...
When one door closes, another one opens...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Happy Birthday...

TO ME!!!

OMG!! Right now I'm on my way to 30 years, only 1 more year *big smile*
Had a small party today. My parents and brothers came with my SIL. Also my godparents came.
It was nice to have such a small party.
Will have a party for friends in October.

Got a great present from my BF: a thing to put my camera on so I can make better photos and my photos will not be moved :D So happy with it!!
But have to buy it though..hehe...

Well.. that's all for now. Will get some cake... *smile*