Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Kaartenketting: Blauw en zilver

Hi there!

Sorry for my awesome absence the last weeks, but am feeling terribly sick :(
First I had a major pain in the back and wasn't able to move properly (crawling on your knees through your house, just so you don't feel any stings isn't funny and felt really tired from only sitting/lying in my bed/couch and walking... like 5 min. lying down, 5 min. walking, 5 min. sitting and that all day long... terrible!).
And if that wasn't enough I now have a terrible pain in my ear and throat for almost a week now and seems like nothing helps at the moment, so better go to a doctor if this doesn't get any better. Also am talking like a seal at the moment...
So all by all... 3 weeks further... it can't be any more terrible, specially during Christmas.

So I'm really sorry if I haven't responded to any emails etc., but am really tired and really don't feel sitting behind my computer. The first 2 weeks I wasn't even able to sit for 2 minutes, so that's getting better.

I already sceduled this post before getting sick and haven't made a proper card since this one..
Hopefully will be back within a couple of days...

**end of update**

Hi there!

Today I like to show you a card I made for the kleurenkaartenteam.
You are supposed to make a card with blue and silver. Great Christmas/Wintercolors.

Only problem was/is... I don't have any silver paper, so I had to be a bit creative and used my silver embossingpowder.
And the best thing is... this card didn't take me too long to make.
Embossed the edges of my mat under the blue paper with the silver embossingpowder.
Stamped the images, embossed them as well. Punched out the ornaments and put them on the card.

So here you have it...

Thanks so much for coming over and hopefully you have had a fantastic Christmas Day and will have a lovely Boxing Day as well today.