Sunday, 11 January 2009

I've been skating!!!

OMG!! I've been skating for the first time for...uhhmmm... lets see... 12 years on natural ice!!!
I really still can't believe it.
It seems like I've done it yesterday. It felt so good being on the ice, skating.

Where I used to live, we have a kind of traditional skatingtour from the Westland to Vlaardingen. People used to skate it, and bought "Vlaardingse Moppen" to give them at home.
I've skated this tour a time from Westland till Schipluiden and back (the half) and one time from Schipluiden to Vlaardingen and back (the other half). And today I've skated Schipluiden to Vlaardingen and back. Have no idea how many km's it will be. But I did it!!
And it felt sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!
Can't wait to skate again!
I also felt really bad, right on my stomach and ribs and now I have some bruisings on my knee and left hand and my ribs aren't feeling ok right now.... Oh well.... I don't care as I've skated!!! :)

Here are some photos of my little tour...

It was sooooooooooo crowded on the ice, but also a very friendly atmosphere....'s me on my skates nearby the bridge of A20 in Vlaardingen (where I normally drive by car...hehe)

Yes... you sometimes see the most funniest things...

As we can't skate everywhere we'd like, we have to go "klunen", so cars had to stop a lot for us, skaters, going from one frozen canal to another one...
Can't wait to do this more!!