Monday, 23 July 2007

Got some GREAT NEWS!!!

I really can't take this anymore... Just have to tell you I will go to the sanctuary this Monday to find myself a little cat!! Or I will have one from a nest of young cats.
Oh yeah!!! I'm really *JUMPING* everywhere and like to tell the whole world I love this sooooooo much!!!
At my parents' we had 2 cats: a mother and a daughter. The mother passed away about 5 years ago and I so really loved that cat. It really was mine and we were really close!!
And we had to let go of her daughter last November. That's when she passed away. It was so hard to do, but daugher was 20 years old!!!

And since the very beginning I knew I always wanted a cat if I lived on my own, but my BF didn't like it, he said we should have one when we were living together.
I really didn't like it, but hee... better than nothing, eh??
But still I felt incomplete without a cat.... having fun together, a real mate when I come home etc. etc. Really love those animals a lot!!

But... last week he said I could have one... we won't go with vacation, so I have all the time to raise this little cutie pie.
I was jumping all the way!!! Really, you can't imagine how happy I am... having an animal around who I can cuddle and all.
I know it will be a hard task to do, as I like to have a younger one, about 8 weeks old (that's when they can leave their mother), but I just love it so much!!!
The only thing I always wanted when I was living on my own was a cat... and now it's finally going to happen, 3 years after buying my house... I so love this!!! *HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY*

I do want a female though, don't know why, but I like them. There are also loads of cats that look like our mothercat, but I don't like one of them, they will remind me of her and I want the cat to be themselves :)
Wow.... really still can't believe it.
Right now I'm browsing the internet for all kind of things I have to buy. Have some stuff from my parents, but have to buy some things.... ohhhhhhhh... I so love this!!!
Well... better will not go on and on and on... I will update you about all of this really soon.

For now, here's a photo of my grandmother, 89 years old, taken yesterday in my parent's garden at my brother's bbq (he has his own house, but doesn't have a garden where we can do this).
I don't like bbq, but had some bread with garlicbutter (love this and I have a great recipe for my own...hehe).... But could take some great photos of my nephews and other familymembers.