Saturday, 30 June 2007


Yeah, got plenty of work to do this weekend.
Loads for work and also some scrapping to do for some Circle Journals. Really love them a lot!!
Seeing all the different scrappingstyles people have.
They are not always my kind of soup, but they do their best and that's what counts!

Right now, I'm in the middle of cleaning my house. There are papers and other things everywhere and they should be with the garbage and so on!
My scrappingroom is really messy this time. Have to reorganize this space real soon, which means I really have to organize the things I have and make something with them *LOL*
I keep being *POSITIVE*
Last Tuesday I went to Ikea and bought a cognac-glass. I don't drink alcohol at all (don't like alcohol at all that is...), but my grandfather likes it and I was thinking: Why not scrap a photo of him, put some stones in the glass and put the scrapped photo in the glass. It will work... don't know when as I still have to take photos of him and my grandmother really soon.

So I'm full of ideas, but now I have to find some time to make them reality! But I will be *POSITIVE*
Last week has been a hard week for me at work, but I know I made the right decision about 2 weeks ago and I already see the difference and so do my colleagues, so that's something to be *POSITIVE* about.
Been to my parents in law party. They were married 45 years and had a dinner with their families and their own family with children and grandchildren. It was alright.
Last Thursday I heard I will be having the same group as the last couple of years. That makes my 7th year in row, or 9th if you count my courses with them.
I will also be moving with my class to the other side of the school and will change my class from 1d to 1b. Can't wait to be in my new classroom as I've been in a sort of the same one in the beginning and it was great to be in there!!! Having more space and a place outside where I can put my watertable and other great things. Really looking forward and am already planning how I wanna do my decorations..hehe...
The only thing which isn't funny is that the last years I was in front of the teacher's room, so I could easily take some tea and now it's on the other side of the school. But hee... I keep being *POSITIVE* as I get a great new and big classroom!!

Yesterday I had my last photography class of portrait and modelphotography. The other people also wanted to learn more and yesterday the teacher told us he wanted to go further with us, so that's great news!!!
We will hear the details soon, so I'm also *POSITIVE* about that *LOL*

That's it for me really right now. Only 3 more weeks at work and than we have our vacation. I know where I wanna go, but BF doesn't and it has to be in our budget... well... I just keep being *POSITIVE*!!
Oh... Why I'm using *POSITIVE* a lot???
At the beginning of this year we were challenged by Ali Edwards to use a word for a year and I choose *POSITIVE* and I learned these last weeks I just have to be *POSITIVE* and everything will be alright.
That's about it right now. Will leave you with a picture of my messy room...