Friday, 17 August 2007

Brother and sister???

Hi all,

I'm so happy with my two little cats. They're really cute and today I was away for about 25 minutes and when I came home, Jet was mewing. So really adorable, as I haven't heard that for quite a while now.
And I'm sure they're doing alright here. Jumping all over the place, running after each other and so on. They're the best!

Today my mother and a friend of her came over to make some cards. It was great! Didn't do much. I'm working on a Halloween-house. It's already looking great (at least I think *LOL*). Will make a fall-house as well as I got the latest line of Basic Grey: Mellow, which has the perfect colors for the house!
My mother and her friend were also amazed about the fact the little ones are so cute and running through the house that fast!
But also about the fact they can pick them up and caress them. And you must know I'm happy about it, as I don't want them to be cats that are too shy of people and/or are scratching and biting others. I want them to be social and I think it's going to work really good within 5 days time already! I also play a lot with them, getting to know me, cuddle them, getting to know all the noises in house and so on. They're pretty scared of some noises though, but I think that will go alright.

OMG! Just looking around my scraproom and I see so many beautiful things! Got an idea for the Halloweenhouse. Will use some fibers, but right now I think I must have some Halloweenribbon. I'm not too sure. Will find them (or not if I didn't buy them...heehee).
I'm also very proud of my scrapcleaning I did the last days. Still not finished, but my paperstack is just great!
Got some supadupa Display Dynamics paperholders fully filled with loads of Bazzill cardstock and patterned papers. It's just a delight to see it! All my cardstock sorted by colour and some by texture (like Chatterbox, Fourz, "normal").
Will go on with cleaning this next days, but will also be scrapping a lot! I want my Halloweenhouse to be finished and got some more ideas, specially for my little rascals.

The last thing about them....
The person I got them from said they're male and female, but I've been checking it on and on and I really, really think they're both females!!
I will finally go to the vet this Monday (they had their vacation and without any notices on their doors!!! So I'm really ***sed off about that to be honest), so then I will ask him/her to check it so I know it for sure! But I'm 99% sure they're both females...
Oh well... I always wanted one female, and now I will have 2!! I've magic!

Anyways.. Will leave you with a photo of them :)
They're the cutest. I will go on with scrapcleaning. My mom got some things I don't use, mostly they were in goodiebags from scrapweekends. So it's ok...

Love ya!