Saturday, 21 July 2007


Yeah!! Finally I have 6 weeks vacation!!! Really love it, I don't feel too tired like the last 3 weeks or so. My feet hurt real badly, will have a feetbath this evening for them to relax. I also have a lot of headaches. That's what I'm worried about, as in January this year I had a sinus ignition (?? Hope that's the right word) and also had pain right towards my lefteye and that started last evening as well... It's ok right now, but am worried. Otherwise I will go to the doctor for some antibiotic. I just hope it's not the same this time.

Went to the hairdresser this morning. Really relaxing... having some chitchat and so on. Was there for over 40 minutes!!! Loved it!! Normally go to the hairdresser every 2-3 months, even though I have short hair and it grows really fast, but I have this great hair that I just have to style and I can go out :)
After that I did some groceries. And now I'm in the middle of cleaning my house. P.P. cleaned the shower and toilet, so that's fresh as well. I really love a fresh bathroom!
Have to pay some bills this week as well. Don't like them, but hee... guess nobody loves them :)

Also have to make a birthday-card for my brother who will celebrate his 24th birthday tomorrow (still know the day he was born and the days after that when family etc. came to visit). He's still my little brother, even though he rides a truck and is bigger than me :)

Don't have any photo to share yet, will update this thread with a photo of my Bro's birthdaycard when I finished it this evening :)
*UPDATED: Here's my brother's 24th Birthday card :) Used a Penny Black stamp, some Clubscrap paper and some letterstickers from my stash)