Friday, 7 November 2008

Sad news...

Have some sad news to tell...

Tessa Tegendraads is closing its doors :(
She's having a sale in her shop and online...
Really sad seeing another scrapstore go overhere in The Netherlands :(

Better news....
I will be going to the "Kreadoe" in Utrecht this Sunday. It's a craftsfair and really cool (at least I think so! *lol*)
They have a lot of my fave scrapstores overthere, so I don't have to travel from one side of Holland to the other side. Really handy and I just love seeing other crafts and hope to bring some cool fabrics with me and off course some great scrapbooking and stamping items!!
Already seen items other people brought and they look yummy!!!
Will upload a picture Sunday/Monday (if I didn't buy too much..hehe).

Haven't scrapped or make cards this week.
But have been making some cool home deco items to sell at the Christmasfair 6th December.
Will show you in a few weeks time...

Nothing else to tell really.
Been busy at work and next week will be a busy week as well, but will have a free day coming Monday. Yeah!!

For all my SAG-buddies... can't wait till next week!!!!!
See ya soon!!