Saturday, 11 August 2007

My cards

Here are my 2 cards I made.
Just bought the newest BasicGrey paperpad: Mellow. Really marvelous fall-colors, so they were just screaming for me as I love those rich colors a lot (hee.... you just have to open my wardrobe and you see it!). I love that paper! Need more!!! *big smile*

Thanks for watching!

Will go away right now to a craftsfair to buy some nice scrapstuff. Already heard of some nice offers *big smile*

By the way... I made these cards for a challenge at Samm's (

Loads to share....

First of all... let me update you about my cat! *YAHOO!!!*

I don't have it yet. Some personal problems came along the way, but I was still searching the internet and there I found this little advert on an auctionsite like Ebay, only in Dutch, last Wednesday.

So there this advert was for 2 little cats, about 10 weeks old. Brother and sister.
To my surprise I saw some familiar names with a phonenumber, so I looked up the number in my phonebook and yes... I know those people!
The man is the brother of my friend's husband!!
So I phoned him to ask if the cats were still there and they were, so I was quite interested *LOL* He said the cats won't go away alone, only with the two of them.
I will get them this Sunday... that's tomorrow!!! (it's 2.00 am Saturday morning!! *can you believe it?!*)
I'm so really happy and R., the man, also is, as now he knows where the cats will go to. And that's for sure a thing he's right about. Who doesn't like his cats to be cuddled and well cared for?? I do!!!

So now I'm all ready for them to come. Only have to buy 2 things, but that's ok like Ali Edwards ( says.

Yesterday, or Friday..hehe... I made 2 cards. Won't show you yet... will show them a bit later today...

Anyways... here are some layouts I made since the beginning of 2007.... My present for you as I didn't find the time to update my blog :)

Me in Vienna: First photo at Mozart's Grave and the 2nd of a monument.

BF's niece who really enjoyed playing with her telephone.

Some children singing at the "Dickens Festival" in Deventer, december 2006

I was her made of honour and witness. Really enjoyed this photoshoot! Learned so much!!
A CJ-entry for the "Hot & Spicy Peas" at

And another entry, in someone else's CJ
Another layout of the Dickens Festival. I embroidered the "wave" down the "floor" ("ondergrond" in Dutch). Copied some chipboardletters on patterned paper, cut them out and matted them with cardstock.
A really great ClubScrap layout!
My brother and his GF

That's all folks! *big smile*