Monday, 22 June 2009

coming with an update tomorrow...

Did manage to scrap a lot and make some cards the last days **yahoo**
And tomorrow will not be any exception ;)
So please be patient and you will get some more regular updates from me the coming days. Have to make some photos of the things I made and I'm full with ideas to make!
Just love that!

I'm also enjoying the fine weather and it's going to be warmer and warmer the coming days **yahoo as well**
Summer has finally arrived!! Now the sea only has to warm a bit, so I can go to the beach and swim (love doing that!!). The beach is only a 15 min. bikeride away, so very, very nice, specially as it's Scheveningen (very famous) where they sell some yummy, yummy icecream!!

Will have breakfast at my balcony tomorrow (the sun is there from about 8 am till about 4 pm), I so enjoy doing that!

Anyways...gotta go to sleep...