Sunday, 18 May 2008

Going to be famous?? ;)

As said before, I will give an "staralbum"-workshop on June 14th at Tessa Tegendraads (
Yesterday there was an article about scrapbooking in a newspaper from Brabant (a province overhere) with the owner of the store, Tessa.
Here's the article:

On the left side of the photo you can see a staralbum.... that's mine!!! *LOL*
Don't know if it's ok to place the photo here due to copyrights etc, so will not show it, you have to see the article :)

Yesterday I went to a scrapfair and I can tell you I sold more than expected!! Had no idea my scrapsupplies were going to sell that good. Wish I had more with me.
It was busy between 10-12 am, and after that there were a few people, but not that much.
We were lucky we didn't have the weather like last weekend (about 25 degrees!!), it was raining all day, so it wasn't that warm and people weren't going to the beach!
I will defenately go back again if they have it again with more stuff. But I didn't sell any magazines as hoped, but well... it's ok :)
Will sell them online shortly.
Bought some papers in the shop and some embellishments, but most of all: a small corner rounder to also make scalloped borders. I already have a large one, but also wanted a small one. So happy!!

Next Saturday I will go to De Creatie in Veghel as they have their anual make-n-take-day and I've been there two or three times before and I love it!!
Very good mojo hanging there.

See ya!

**bye bye from Holland**