Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Delft Tile Technique card

Hi there!

I'm not into swapping the way I used to do years ago, but every now and then I like to join a swap and this swap was hosted at one of my yahoogroups where we were challenged to make a Delft Tile Techniquecard. Never tried that technique before and living near Delft, I just knew I wanted to join in all the fun :)

And here you have it... my card...

I wanted to use the blue-white colorcombo as those are the colors used for the tiles (and other stuff you can buy).
Wanted to send my swappartner Dianna a small present with this card. First I wanted to send here a typical Delft tile colored product, but those are way too expensive *sorry*, or I had to buy her a fake one, but don't like those products, I just want quality, so bought her a card from The Netherlands. Hope she will enjoy that as well ;)

Anyways... that's all for now. Thanks for coming over and see you later! :)