Wednesday, 3 October 2007


OMG!! My mother and father in laws came over this Sunday. It was alright.
Specially my MIL thought I was crazy when she saw my scraproom! *LOL*
She said I had enough paper to fill a lifetime or maybe 2 or 3!! hahaha
But when she saw the items I made she was like: WOW!!! I really like what you make. She was quite surprised to see all the items I made so far, specially from their family.
She said I should do an exhibition or something like that. Or give workshops. Hmmm.. where did I hear that before?? *LOL*

So guess I should give some workshops as some colleagues of mine are also interested in scrapping and so is a friend. Hmmm...
It would be alright to do this. Already thought about it a lot, but am unsecure if people will like it as much as I do. Probably I just have to give it a try or something... we'll see.

Right now I'm picking up my Master Special Educational Needs. I'm in my 2nd year. 2 years ago I started it and finished my 1st year. Last year I was starting my 2nd year, but didn't finish it as I had a lot on my head because of my work. So now I'm hoping to finish it and be a Master :)
It's really interesting and I've learned so much the last 2 years and I love so much about my 2nd year is that I can make it my own and study things I'm interested in and learn from my other students and the kids in my class.
Hope to get things on the road for this soon.

Leave you now... Have to get some sleep. The inspection will come at work tomorrow to see how we work and stuff.