Thursday, 31 May 2012

Guess where I've been :)

Hi there!

Guess where I've been the last 3 days.... oh yeah.... Been in Paris, city of lights, city of loooooooooove.

Photo wasn't taken by me... got it from the internet.
 Been in Paris 2 more times, but not longer than 24 hours and the last time I only spend 2 hours around Sacre Coeur before the Thalys left to The Netherlands.
But now... 3 whole days, started last Tuesday, waking up at 5.00 am!! to get the tram of just before 6 am, train just before 7 am, to be in Paris at 9.30 am!! Whoowhoo!!
Now that's what I call making the most out of everything.

Anyways... thanks for coming over.
Oh yeah... really loooooooove Paris as well (but not as much as Londen *lol*)

By the way... this is a sceduled post (love it!). As I will still be in the Thalys going home when this post goes live *lol*
A "live"-update will follow later on :)