Saturday, 30 June 2007


Yeah, got plenty of work to do this weekend.
Loads for work and also some scrapping to do for some Circle Journals. Really love them a lot!!
Seeing all the different scrappingstyles people have.
They are not always my kind of soup, but they do their best and that's what counts!

Right now, I'm in the middle of cleaning my house. There are papers and other things everywhere and they should be with the garbage and so on!
My scrappingroom is really messy this time. Have to reorganize this space real soon, which means I really have to organize the things I have and make something with them *LOL*
I keep being *POSITIVE*
Last Tuesday I went to Ikea and bought a cognac-glass. I don't drink alcohol at all (don't like alcohol at all that is...), but my grandfather likes it and I was thinking: Why not scrap a photo of him, put some stones in the glass and put the scrapped photo in the glass. It will work... don't know when as I still have to take photos of him and my grandmother really soon.

So I'm full of ideas, but now I have to find some time to make them reality! But I will be *POSITIVE*
Last week has been a hard week for me at work, but I know I made the right decision about 2 weeks ago and I already see the difference and so do my colleagues, so that's something to be *POSITIVE* about.
Been to my parents in law party. They were married 45 years and had a dinner with their families and their own family with children and grandchildren. It was alright.
Last Thursday I heard I will be having the same group as the last couple of years. That makes my 7th year in row, or 9th if you count my courses with them.
I will also be moving with my class to the other side of the school and will change my class from 1d to 1b. Can't wait to be in my new classroom as I've been in a sort of the same one in the beginning and it was great to be in there!!! Having more space and a place outside where I can put my watertable and other great things. Really looking forward and am already planning how I wanna do my decorations..hehe...
The only thing which isn't funny is that the last years I was in front of the teacher's room, so I could easily take some tea and now it's on the other side of the school. But hee... I keep being *POSITIVE* as I get a great new and big classroom!!

Yesterday I had my last photography class of portrait and modelphotography. The other people also wanted to learn more and yesterday the teacher told us he wanted to go further with us, so that's great news!!!
We will hear the details soon, so I'm also *POSITIVE* about that *LOL*

That's it for me really right now. Only 3 more weeks at work and than we have our vacation. I know where I wanna go, but BF doesn't and it has to be in our budget... well... I just keep being *POSITIVE*!!
Oh... Why I'm using *POSITIVE* a lot???
At the beginning of this year we were challenged by Ali Edwards to use a word for a year and I choose *POSITIVE* and I learned these last weeks I just have to be *POSITIVE* and everything will be alright.
That's about it right now. Will leave you with a picture of my messy room...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

So much happened...

This defenately is a week to forget real quick, especially at work. Will not go into details, but I made a decision which was really hard to make.
Still not feeling too well after making that decision, but I know, and many people with me, that it's the best I could do, so I'm quite relieved with that, but why do I still feel so bad??
I know everything has their own meaning, so this must have been something to learn for me. I just don't know.
Slept very well yesterday. From 8 pm till this morning 8 am. Having a bad cough sometimes. Hope that will end soon. Otherwise I will get some medicine. Had some headaches too this morning when I stood up. Took a "paramolletje" (as I call this thing..), and now everything is alright.

I'm really into scrapping lately. Visited some blogs to inspire me, visited loads of online galleries to see all the great work other scrappers make. It's really fun!
Today I made a great layout, will show you only a part of it though... Hoping to become a DT member of a site, so really am nervous..hehe...
Really loved making this layout!

Today I went to the city to shop for a new alarm clock. It broke yesterday!! I was lying on my bed when me and P.P. heard a big "BOOM!!!". The tv was out, my pc was out... everything was out!! Luckily nothing happened, but my alarm clock is now officially dead. May it RIP :)
Wanted an alarm clock with also a function to play cd's, but those were a lot more expensive, so bought the 2nd cheapest clock around. After that did some more shopping, went to Pipoos, a craftstore, but there wasn't anything nice to buy. Didn't mind.
I'm challenging myself to not buy any stuff untill I finished 50 things, and right now I made 12 scrapthings, so not bad I think :)
Anyways. Looking forward to tomorrow. Loads of things to do, but really nice things.
For now it's tatatatatatata...

Sunday, 10 June 2007


I just finished 2 layouts and 1 mini-album today. Now I only have to get photos for in that album.
I also need more photos for some mini-albums I started at SAG, but finished these days (hooray!!). Will just wait for the other people from my model-and portraitclass who've taken some photos of me, so I will finally have some decent photos to use :)
Nothing much happening here.

Did some cleaning today, some washing (wish I had a washing machine sometimes), some scrapping and some major scraproomcleaning!
Put all my Heidi Swapp and Bazzill flowers into one big box, without their own boxes, so loads of space already! Also organized my albums. Now I have one part of my closet with albums which only need photos in them, one part with the albums I work in (like my 12x12" and 8x5x11" albums) and one part with new albums in all kinds of sizes. For some reason I just have too many albums, but hee.... better too much albums than no albums to put my layouts in, right?? ;)
Anyways... when I was cleaning... a box of buttons fell on the floor!! Can't believe it and the only thing I was thinking was: Luckily those aren't eyelets sorted by color so I don't have to sort them *big smile*
Made a photo of it... will upload it later.
Only one more hour till the tv-serie 24 begins. Really love this and it's really exciting!!
Gotta leave right now with a photo from the view I had from my bedroom during SAG:

Thursday, 7 June 2007


I really had no idea what to expect from Scrap-a-Ganza last weekend. I knew I had booked really too many workshops, but what I experienced that weeekend was way too cool!
Had the most wonderfull workshops I've ever dreamt of. Really made loads of cool stuff (have to finish loads too!!). Been to 16 workshops and finished about 4 already, including the make-n-takes (little projects you make within 15 minutes or less).
The atmosphere was so totally awesome, you just must experience it yourself.
Arrived Friday at about 13.30 at the hotel and my roommate Clara from Belgium (we had to speak English all weekend to eachother!! hehe) was already there.
Had some lunch and went to our room at about 15.00 when we could check in. 15.30 was my first workshop: Weather comes to mind from Karen Burniston. Made a really great mini-album about the seasons. Have to finish this.
Had some quick dinner before the 2 other workshops started at 19.00. It was soooooooo cool! Really enjoyed myself.
Saturday was my most exhausting day. Shopped a bit, my workshops started at 8.00!!! They were all too good to be true. Really made a good choice for the workshops, didn't regret a single one of them!
At 19.00 there was this workshop "About Me", given by Lisa Bearnson, the founder of the magazine! It was so totally cool to meet her in real life. She's such a sweet person!! We could let our albums sign by her sister, who made this awesome albumcover for me with my name on it!! And Lisa signed my album as you can see on this photo:
What was so special about this event was the following: it's really international! People from Ireland, Germany, UK, France, Belgium... really cool!! So I spoke English almost the whole weekend which was great. Had some problems with it on Friday, but when my parents came to pick me up this Sunday I was still thinking English and saying some English words. Really funny.
Why my parents had to pick me up? Will tell you later.
Even Dutch people spoke English to eachother as we didn't know if we were English, from another European country or just Dutch. So really cool to laugh about it when we found out we were both from the Netherlands.
The workshops were really cool! Met some really nice people (we had a 2 persons table and I sat to loads of people from different countries which was cool!).
From an Irish girl sitting next to me at one of Lance's (from Rusty Pickles) I heard I didn't have to come to the 2nd part of the workshop after meeting eachother later that Saturday. I booked the 1st part for Saturday and the 2nd at Sunday. So I thought... I have all the supplies, the book isn't that hard to make, lets try to see if there's a spot open on Sunday for another workshop and on Sunday I made it! Did another workshop!
Had to sit in front of the class. Met an English girl Saturday evening during Diva's night (we were all wearing Diva clothes, like boa's, tiara's and stuff... we met on the SAG forum) and she's so really really cool! Had some great laughes with her!!
So I spoke to her before my last class and she introduced me to the teachers and I had to sit in front..hmmm...
Well it was great!
During Saturday evening Diva's night I won some great goodies and on Friday I won a Junkitz-book... It's so good to win stuff!!
Not only did I get loads of stuff from the workshops, but I also shopped a bit and won some fab prizes!!
Here's the stuff I needed to bring home with me:

I had 1 suitcase with me, 1 scrappingcase and 1 big bag, but it just didn't fit!!! I had too many stuff to bring with me.
As the car broke down the Thursday before SAG, I had to travel by train, and had to go home by train as well.... but with all of this... no way... just too much!!
So I called my parents to pick me up. They were with my grandma (my father's mom), but they liked it. So lucky me!!
Today I'm here, still really exhausted from the weekend, but have met so many wonderfull people, had loads of great classes (actually learned how to work with alcohol inks!! Really fun to do this!!), but most of all... I had great laughs and enjoyed myself every minute of the weekend.
No regrets for me. It was the first time, but no way it's going to be the last one!!
Heard there was going to be a mini SAG this November, but am not sure to go or not. Next year there will be another SAG :)
We'll just wait and see. Will have to make a start with finishing all the wonderfull workshops... gotta go....

Friday, 1 June 2007

Almost time!!

Yeah!! Only 3,5 more hours before I go to Scrap-a-Ganza and totally loving it!!
Have to pack my bag with clothes, but that's not a problem, the problem is I have to go by public transport as P.P.'s car has to go to the garage today for a new radiator and I so not love it!! We were planning to go to Egmond aan Zee together, having a few hours at the beach together, some shopping and stuff, but now plans unfortunately totally changed.
Went home yesterday and now I really miss him.
Well... will see him within a week I hope :)

Keeping positive...
Can't wait to be in Egmond and having a great weekend with loads of workshops (16!!!), some make-n-takes and off course some heavy shopping. Planning to buy some items I always really wanted, but were too high in price in my humble opinion, but now they seem to be *great!*
Made some nice forum friends swap cards we will trade this evening with 24 other people from the SAG-forum, so really looking forward to that one :)
Bye for me right now. Have to take care of some clothes :)
Will leave you with the last layout I made for the stamps challenge on National Scrapbook Day