Thursday, 26 April 2007


Did nothing much yesterday. Cleaning the house and getting rid of the old papers (they are in Peter-Paul's car right now..hehe... did a great job on that, now didn't I??). Then went to the Haagse Hogeschool to talk to a teacher and a student from my course Master Special Educational Needs. Really enjoyed.
When I came back home, made pancakes and made a Circle Journal.

Today me and Peter-Paul, my boyfriend went to Amsterdam.
First we went to a fair and after that we went by tram to the innercity and it was great! Really enjoyed ourselves a lot.
Didn't bring my camera with me as I found it too heavy to carry it all day. Just wanted to enjoy really ;)
The weather was great and it was getting warmer in the afternoon. Bought some nice stamps. Hope to play with them soon! :)
Also bought some stampingpapers and we also had to eat, so bought a "frikandelbroodje" for Peter-Paul and a "saté-broodje" for me.
Also went to the Albert Kuypmarkt and I tell you.. It's great! Really love all the colors overthere and I certainly am coming there again. Such a nice vibe as well.
After that we went to the train, and left at Schiphol Airport to watch the planes and.... having some icecream!! Lemon and straciatella for me... JUMMIE!!!
It's been a great day. Now gotta go... gotta put the pricestickers on the products I'm going to sell (hopefully) on Queen's Day this next Monday! Looking forward.
Tomorrow we will go to Peter-Paul's and then I will go to a scrapbookstore!! Can't wait.
Leave you with an old photo of Amsterdam, made in January when I was there with my photography-class