Monday, 6 April 2009


I've been asked many questions about my London-trip. So here are your answers...

Yes, I've been there on my own, but have been in London for a lot of times, which included vacations with friends and family, but also all alone.
Just love this city a lot!

If you really wanna go to London on your own... it's no problem at all, even if it's your first time there.
I always take the Underground, or, if the Underground has no service, by bus. The public transport is great and if you just ask, people will help you.
At every Undergroundstation there are signs which way to travel and the map is always there as well. The system is really easy, just follow the colour :)

If you wanna travel to London for one day, please know what you'd like to see. Do you wanna shop or do you wanna see the Big Ben, etc.?
It normally takes me one day (or even over one day!) to shop Oxford and Regent Street. But hee.... I just looooooooooooove to shop **smile**

You can eat really cheap or at a fancy restaurant. I normally went to Debenhams during lunchtime with cold weather (like during Christmastime and like last time) to eat, and with warm weather (so 20+ degrees), I normally buy some sandwiches and drinks at M&S and go to the Park to eat like most people do in Summer. It's great!!

Well, it's just my fave European city, though I've been to a lot more.
And for the crafters among us.... There's a "Hobbycraft" store which you can reach by Underground in about 30 minutes time from the centre... and wow!!!!! Don't have that much scrapbookingstuff (even though the amount of ribbon really amazes me!), but what they have...wowie!!

If you have some questions about London, please ask ;)

I just read an email that I can pick up my photos this Wednesday!!! **yahoo!!**
Really can't wait to scrap them!!

Take care!