Monday, 21 May 2007


Fabulous! That's how I feel. Feeling really lucky the last week after winning some National Scrapbook challenges and when I checked the weblog of one of my fave stampingstores, I came to the conclusion I won some really great Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl goodies!!
Never happened to me before winning loads of prizes.

Though there's also the other side... wanted to become a member of a DesignTeam, but wasn't the one they were looking for. No problem, as I was just trying my 2nd time. Not bad at all and already feel lucky winning loads of prizes!

Also feeling fabulous the bachelorette party has finished the 12th. Had a day full of fun, but really stressfull, specially with organizing this. So I made a promise myself: Will NOT, I say NOT!!, do this a second time like this has been. So didn't like it at all!! But it's all behind now.

Last Wednesday was the wedding and I must say it was ok. Really love the party!! They had a great disco playing 70's & 80's music. Wow!! That's partytime for me! :)
Also went to the photoshoot and wow.... that's so great to be a part of it! Really loved it how the photographer worked and I made some very, very, very great photos of the weddingcouple.
Learned a lot as well about lightning and the setting, background etc. Really usefull! And the groom's stepdad also like to photograph so we were talking about photography and now I have an invitation to come to him with P.P. and see photos he made. Learned so much of him that day!
Will not post a photo I made, the couple has to see them first :)

Last Saturday P.P. and I went to a 70's party with P.P.'s best friend Peter, Peter's 2 sisters and his wife Anita. Enjoyed it so much. Danced and sang a lot! It was great!!! *really big smile*
Also knew some songs P.P. didn't know. Why I did know them? Uhhmmm... I'm still a really big fan of Take That :) And they had a 70's medley quite some years ago (about 14 years..hehe) and therefor I knew the songs last Saturday :) Really funny to notice.
Yesterday, Sunday, we had it quite quiet. Went to church. Some children did their Holy Communion (?? Did I spell it right??) and had to play flute with the child's choir. After that went to my grandpa and grandma. Liked it to see them again.
Had a relaxed afternoon after.

Today I had to work again after not working since last Tuesday :)
Just came home from the child's choir. They were terrible! Didn't listen at all to the director and I don't wanna play the teacher all day, but I just had to! Well... just wait and see next Saturday when they have to sing again *keeping fingers crossed*

Well... leave you with the comment I left on the blog I won a prize at last week!
Gotta watch the Musical Awards (another hobby of mine: going to musicals!), after that reading the new Creating Keepsakes I just found on the doormat *yahoo!!!*. And after that... uhhmm... it's bedtime :)