Sunday, 11 November 2007

Take That concert


So I went to the Take That concert 1st November and it was awesome!!
Really enjoyed myself a lot and it seemed like yesterday I saw them on 16th March 1995!!!
Saw some familiar faces at the concert, like people who've supported them over the years and off course Mr Robbie Williams (oh man.... I followed him everywhere I could in Holland ;) )

Found some really, really great YouTube movies on the internet...
Let me share you the best.... (can't choose really, but I so loved this song Give Good Feeling... really groovy... though the YouTube movie doesn't do it justice at all!!! And I found Could It Be Magic... One of my fave live songs of them....)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

There are a lot more nice movies of that incredible concert!
Really hope they'll come here really soon as I so love those concerts!!!

For the rest... Have been making some cards... one for my Grandmother's birthday November 13th and some other Magnolia-stamped cards. I so love those Magnolia-stamps!!!
If there was only one shop where I could buy some time...
Or I could start one???!!! That way I'm a billionaire within a few minutes *LOL*
Gotta go....

Friday, 2 November 2007

Been to TAKE THAT!!!

Wow!! It was absolutely great!!! No words can ever say enough about this show. It was amazing.
Will update about it soon!!! Going to bed :)

Saturday, 27 October 2007

New York

Monday is my father's birthday. He will celebrate it tomorrow (Sunday) and I made him a staralbum from his trip to New York last November.
I hope he will like it as much as I do :)
It was a lot of work, specially sewing the pages together and cut them.
Made the album with PaperSalon papers, Creative Imagination rub-ons, Quickutz Frankie alphabet, 7gypsies phototurns, some ribbon, Making Memories brads and off course Bazzill cardstock (I sooooooooo love this cardstock and really can't live without!).
Made him a staralbum as America has all those stars in its flag.

So here are the promised sneak peaks :) TFL!!
The front cover:
The actual STAR:

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I feel so lucky having a vacation. It's really relaxed this time, compared to the summerholidays.
Cleaned my house a bit yesterday as I won a prize: a man came over to tell me how much my house is worth.
I was quite surprised about the price he named, and I mean very surprised!! *LOL*
He was really happy about the way my house is (4 bedrooms, new kitchen, new central heating, new bathroom, etc.), very modern he told me and when I was going to sell it I could ask a bit more, as my house is totally finished and new people can come in without having to do much (exept for a bit of painting, but that wasn't nesessary as well). So yes, I was surprised!
Also scrapped a bit, made a layout of Gizmo. Really experimented with paint etc. this time and it felt good!! No photo of it yet :(

Nothing much today... went go out to do some shopping. Went to the center for the Take That cd, but it still wasn't there!! :( Hate it, as I really wanna have it, as I'll go to their concert next Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it.
Been a huge fan of them since 1993 or something, they split up in 1996, but now, 10 years later, I will be able to go to their concert again!! I really can't believe it!!
You can follow this link to hear some music of them and see some nice photos of them :)
Always had a crush on Markie... he's a cutie!! That defenately didn't change! *LOL*

Anyways... been to the center and after that, went to a scrapstore. Bought the latest Doodlebug Plain & Simple flowers
Will be decorating them after Christmas I think. Though it would be nice to alter them for Christmas with some Christmascolors. Don't know yet ;)
Did some more groceryshopping and this evening I settled myself down to work on my father's New York-album.
He has his birthday next Monday, but celebrates it Sunday, so made him an star-album. Almost finished. Will upload a sneakpreview tomorrow.

Not much more... so better go to bed to get some sleep. Will be scrapping tomorrow all day long *YAHOO!!!*

Forgot to thank you all for your nice comments on my previous post :)
And another something... got an idea coming up... just be patient and read my blog within a week :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Again, I have a vacation. Not too bad I can tell you all! *LOL*

Changed my scraproom a bit. Got 2 new scrappaperclosets, the ones you see in scrappingstores. A scrapstore stopped and they also had these for sale and I can tell you... I just love them!!
Got my patterned paper in the 2 closets (35 dividers each, so I have a bit *too* much..hehe) and my cardstock is in the stackables (got about 45 of them, so I got loads of cardstock!!).
I moved my computer to my window and I just love it! Behind the computer, there is some room for Gizmo and Jet to look out of the window so really relaxing for me. They are here, but not bothering.. :)

Did loads of scrapping the last couple of days: 3 Halloween cards, 4 layouts and 2 mini-albums.
I made the cards with the Magnolia-stamps and I just so love them! They're cute. Already ordered some more. Love them!!

Here are my cards and a Doodlebug house I made recently :) TFL!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


OMG!! My mother and father in laws came over this Sunday. It was alright.
Specially my MIL thought I was crazy when she saw my scraproom! *LOL*
She said I had enough paper to fill a lifetime or maybe 2 or 3!! hahaha
But when she saw the items I made she was like: WOW!!! I really like what you make. She was quite surprised to see all the items I made so far, specially from their family.
She said I should do an exhibition or something like that. Or give workshops. Hmmm.. where did I hear that before?? *LOL*

So guess I should give some workshops as some colleagues of mine are also interested in scrapping and so is a friend. Hmmm...
It would be alright to do this. Already thought about it a lot, but am unsecure if people will like it as much as I do. Probably I just have to give it a try or something... we'll see.

Right now I'm picking up my Master Special Educational Needs. I'm in my 2nd year. 2 years ago I started it and finished my 1st year. Last year I was starting my 2nd year, but didn't finish it as I had a lot on my head because of my work. So now I'm hoping to finish it and be a Master :)
It's really interesting and I've learned so much the last 2 years and I love so much about my 2nd year is that I can make it my own and study things I'm interested in and learn from my other students and the kids in my class.
Hope to get things on the road for this soon.

Leave you now... Have to get some sleep. The inspection will come at work tomorrow to see how we work and stuff.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Some things to show you...

Ok, haven't posted in a long time... too busy at work, but it's going alright. Not having the problems I had last year and I have a class of 14 kids instead of 24 like last year, but as always, the number is growing at 1st Kindergarten.
Really enjoying myself and give the kids the attention they deserve! I so love that as I think the first thing for them is creating a safe classroom where they feel alright and they can talk about everything. And most importantly... knowing they are all important, whether they are black, white, asian, etc. They have to get that selfrespect.
Anyways.. enough about my job...

Created quite a few layouts lately *bit of pride here....* *smile*
Here's one I made of my BF's nieces this Easter. The little one fell on the ground, so her big sister comforted her... You can see a tear under her eye... so super I captured that!
And a detail photo with the stitching and Prima-flowers on it.
Here's one of Gizmo, my cute cat with her tongue out of her mouth. I just captured it on photo and so proud of it! The paper is from Bo Bunny and I so love it!
Ok, next one... I didn't make this one, but Lilian did We did a photoswap and she made a layout of my and my friend Merel. A great friend who travels the world quite a bit. She's really cool and is (only a bit!!) more extreme and outgoing than me, but it just feels right.
Also a detailshot.
And here's the layout I made for Lilian. I like it more in real life :)
Anyways... will leave you with something I heard last week and guess it should be appropriate to me someday...
When one door closes, another one opens...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Happy Birthday...

TO ME!!!

OMG!! Right now I'm on my way to 30 years, only 1 more year *big smile*
Had a small party today. My parents and brothers came with my SIL. Also my godparents came.
It was nice to have such a small party.
Will have a party for friends in October.

Got a great present from my BF: a thing to put my camera on so I can make better photos and my photos will not be moved :D So happy with it!!
But have to buy it though..hehe...

Well.. that's all for now. Will get some cake... *smile*

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Ok, got great news and really the baddest news you can get.

Let's start wit the bad news. I have a leak in my appartment since last Saturday and I so do not like it!! My lower neighbour came up and told me she had water at her ceiling, so not good for me. But will not go into details... I'm really hoping everything will go alright with it as right now I don't like it anymore, specially with insurance!!!!!
The good news...

Finally went to the vet today. I have one down the block, so thought that was pretty cool. Last Monday I went there and they told me I needed an appointment for the Jet and Gizmo so I could go home and make one. Last week I phoned them a couple of times and yesterday I tried it for the last time, but no response at all!!! So I really thought: What if there's really something wrong with them, then I can't reach the vet!!!
So I phoned another one nearby, about a 10 min. drive (loads of trafficlights...., by bike I'm there within 5 minutes :) ) and they had some time this afternoon. Yeah!!!

So this afternoon I put Jet and Gizmo in the travelbox and went by car to the vet. They didn't know what was happening..hehe... For me it was really strange to go there, as I've practically been there only once... for passing away my eldest cat. So that wasn't a nice thing to remember about the vet... really worried :)

When I came in, I was shocked about the great atmosphere. Really friendly, loads of flyers about all different things the animals can get and about precaution and stuff.
I needed to give my information and also the names of the cats. The assistent told me they were "tortoise/turtle" cats, looking at their fur. She also told me normally those cats are always females, so I told her I thought that was also the case, but the vet needed to look at it.
People came in and were really cool about my cats! *yahoo!!* Asking me how old they were and stuff. It felt so good to talk about them since the last couple of days haven't been my most fave ones...
And then I was called by the vet.
She checked them, their eyes, ears, teath, stomache and also their gender!! *big smile*
She said everything is great. Nothing to worry about, only flees. I told her I also noticed them and asked her if they had some medicine, and they did, so bought it after I left.
She also give them an injection for catdiseases. Need to go back in 3 weeks time. Then I will also have them chipped.
They then will be registered and when I loose them and someone finds them, that person can go to a vet to check where the cat is from. I don't need it at my place as they will not go outside, but might need it at P.P.'s house, as I'm trying to let them out of the house there.

Oh, I forgot about their gender...hehe...
But here's the big news:
I have 2 sisters!! hahaha... So not a brother and sister, but two female cats!!!
I always told myself I wanted a female if I ever got a cat, and now I got two!! So my prediction was right, they are females! *YEAH!!!*
So now I have to mail the last owner of Jet and Gizmo to tell them they're females..hahaha...
Wonder how they react.

Well... have to go, but have to tell you 3 things:
1. (don't know if I posted this before...)
A great friend of mine also wants to start scrapbooking so we have to pick a date to start doing this.
2. Did some major sales scrapbookshopping at a warehouse in Amsterdam last weekend. Went their on Saturday with my bf and went back Sunday!!! Yeah.. I'm mad, but I got some great albums (like 12x12 now for only EUR 5,00 instead of EUR 27 in the shops!!!), great papers, loads of stickers and loads of great Prima flowers which I gave some to my mother as she really likes them.
Bought a great black All My Memories handbag on Saturday and a red one on Sunday. You can see the black one at the photo. Right now there are photos of Jet and Gizmo in it.
3. Will go to a scrapweekend in November:
Been there last June and I really enjoyed myself, now I only have to persuade a niece of mine to come with me! That would be so much fun!!!

Anyways... will leave you with some photos..hahahahah

Take care!!!
This is what I bought on Saturday. Bought loads of albums on Sunday and some more paper (can we ever have enough???)..
Can I ever have enough flowers?? Don't think so!!! See that look on my face! Really proud to get this glass as there were only a couple of people who were able to get one, and there were loads, and I mean loads of people who wanted one to! When I came home I saw I already had one of these..hahaha
I have two acrobats!! I left my bike in my kitchen this morning and Gizmo went on top of my steering-wheel and Jet just followed. Gizmo is a bit handier in jumping and stuff....hehe, but Jet was sitting on the tyre!!
Here we have miss Gizmo (named after Gizmo from The Gremlins, always liked that cute animal!). Gizmo has some lightbrown above her eyes.
Here we have Jet (named after Jet from the Freggles, a famous tv show with puppets I always watched). She looks the most like her mother, she has a black head with some brown. Did you notice her undermouth has 2 colors??

Jet absolutely loves water!!! Last week I showered and Gizmo came in... she walked into the water and didn't like it at all!!! But Jet... it looked like she was ready for jumping into it!! They're the best with their own characters...

Friday, 17 August 2007

Brother and sister???

Hi all,

I'm so happy with my two little cats. They're really cute and today I was away for about 25 minutes and when I came home, Jet was mewing. So really adorable, as I haven't heard that for quite a while now.
And I'm sure they're doing alright here. Jumping all over the place, running after each other and so on. They're the best!

Today my mother and a friend of her came over to make some cards. It was great! Didn't do much. I'm working on a Halloween-house. It's already looking great (at least I think *LOL*). Will make a fall-house as well as I got the latest line of Basic Grey: Mellow, which has the perfect colors for the house!
My mother and her friend were also amazed about the fact the little ones are so cute and running through the house that fast!
But also about the fact they can pick them up and caress them. And you must know I'm happy about it, as I don't want them to be cats that are too shy of people and/or are scratching and biting others. I want them to be social and I think it's going to work really good within 5 days time already! I also play a lot with them, getting to know me, cuddle them, getting to know all the noises in house and so on. They're pretty scared of some noises though, but I think that will go alright.

OMG! Just looking around my scraproom and I see so many beautiful things! Got an idea for the Halloweenhouse. Will use some fibers, but right now I think I must have some Halloweenribbon. I'm not too sure. Will find them (or not if I didn't buy them...heehee).
I'm also very proud of my scrapcleaning I did the last days. Still not finished, but my paperstack is just great!
Got some supadupa Display Dynamics paperholders fully filled with loads of Bazzill cardstock and patterned papers. It's just a delight to see it! All my cardstock sorted by colour and some by texture (like Chatterbox, Fourz, "normal").
Will go on with cleaning this next days, but will also be scrapping a lot! I want my Halloweenhouse to be finished and got some more ideas, specially for my little rascals.

The last thing about them....
The person I got them from said they're male and female, but I've been checking it on and on and I really, really think they're both females!!
I will finally go to the vet this Monday (they had their vacation and without any notices on their doors!!! So I'm really ***sed off about that to be honest), so then I will ask him/her to check it so I know it for sure! But I'm 99% sure they're both females...
Oh well... I always wanted one female, and now I will have 2!! I've magic!

Anyways.. Will leave you with a photo of them :)
They're the cutest. I will go on with scrapcleaning. My mom got some things I don't use, mostly they were in goodiebags from scrapweekends. So it's ok...

Love ya!

Monday, 13 August 2007

My cats

Here are my two little cats! They're really cute!! So pure, so little, so.... uhhh.... lovely!!
Their names are Gizmo and Jet. Gizmo for the brother and Jet for the sister.
Will go to the vetenairian (???) to check if everything is alright.
Wow... I love them!

And today I went to buy a thing where they can climb in and put their nails in. I put them in their little benz where I will transport them in by train and car. And when I came home... they broke out of it!!! Don't have any idea how they did it, but they did!!
Anyways... here's a little video of them... Enjoy :)

Saturday, 11 August 2007

My cards

Here are my 2 cards I made.
Just bought the newest BasicGrey paperpad: Mellow. Really marvelous fall-colors, so they were just screaming for me as I love those rich colors a lot (hee.... you just have to open my wardrobe and you see it!). I love that paper! Need more!!! *big smile*

Thanks for watching!

Will go away right now to a craftsfair to buy some nice scrapstuff. Already heard of some nice offers *big smile*

By the way... I made these cards for a challenge at Samm's (

Loads to share....

First of all... let me update you about my cat! *YAHOO!!!*

I don't have it yet. Some personal problems came along the way, but I was still searching the internet and there I found this little advert on an auctionsite like Ebay, only in Dutch, last Wednesday.

So there this advert was for 2 little cats, about 10 weeks old. Brother and sister.
To my surprise I saw some familiar names with a phonenumber, so I looked up the number in my phonebook and yes... I know those people!
The man is the brother of my friend's husband!!
So I phoned him to ask if the cats were still there and they were, so I was quite interested *LOL* He said the cats won't go away alone, only with the two of them.
I will get them this Sunday... that's tomorrow!!! (it's 2.00 am Saturday morning!! *can you believe it?!*)
I'm so really happy and R., the man, also is, as now he knows where the cats will go to. And that's for sure a thing he's right about. Who doesn't like his cats to be cuddled and well cared for?? I do!!!

So now I'm all ready for them to come. Only have to buy 2 things, but that's ok like Ali Edwards ( says.

Yesterday, or Friday..hehe... I made 2 cards. Won't show you yet... will show them a bit later today...

Anyways... here are some layouts I made since the beginning of 2007.... My present for you as I didn't find the time to update my blog :)

Me in Vienna: First photo at Mozart's Grave and the 2nd of a monument.

BF's niece who really enjoyed playing with her telephone.

Some children singing at the "Dickens Festival" in Deventer, december 2006

I was her made of honour and witness. Really enjoyed this photoshoot! Learned so much!!
A CJ-entry for the "Hot & Spicy Peas" at

And another entry, in someone else's CJ
Another layout of the Dickens Festival. I embroidered the "wave" down the "floor" ("ondergrond" in Dutch). Copied some chipboardletters on patterned paper, cut them out and matted them with cardstock.
A really great ClubScrap layout!
My brother and his GF

That's all folks! *big smile*

Monday, 23 July 2007

Got some GREAT NEWS!!!

I really can't take this anymore... Just have to tell you I will go to the sanctuary this Monday to find myself a little cat!! Or I will have one from a nest of young cats.
Oh yeah!!! I'm really *JUMPING* everywhere and like to tell the whole world I love this sooooooo much!!!
At my parents' we had 2 cats: a mother and a daughter. The mother passed away about 5 years ago and I so really loved that cat. It really was mine and we were really close!!
And we had to let go of her daughter last November. That's when she passed away. It was so hard to do, but daugher was 20 years old!!!

And since the very beginning I knew I always wanted a cat if I lived on my own, but my BF didn't like it, he said we should have one when we were living together.
I really didn't like it, but hee... better than nothing, eh??
But still I felt incomplete without a cat.... having fun together, a real mate when I come home etc. etc. Really love those animals a lot!!

But... last week he said I could have one... we won't go with vacation, so I have all the time to raise this little cutie pie.
I was jumping all the way!!! Really, you can't imagine how happy I am... having an animal around who I can cuddle and all.
I know it will be a hard task to do, as I like to have a younger one, about 8 weeks old (that's when they can leave their mother), but I just love it so much!!!
The only thing I always wanted when I was living on my own was a cat... and now it's finally going to happen, 3 years after buying my house... I so love this!!! *HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY*

I do want a female though, don't know why, but I like them. There are also loads of cats that look like our mothercat, but I don't like one of them, they will remind me of her and I want the cat to be themselves :)
Wow.... really still can't believe it.
Right now I'm browsing the internet for all kind of things I have to buy. Have some stuff from my parents, but have to buy some things.... ohhhhhhhh... I so love this!!!
Well... better will not go on and on and on... I will update you about all of this really soon.

For now, here's a photo of my grandmother, 89 years old, taken yesterday in my parent's garden at my brother's bbq (he has his own house, but doesn't have a garden where we can do this).
I don't like bbq, but had some bread with garlicbutter (love this and I have a great recipe for my own...hehe).... But could take some great photos of my nephews and other familymembers.

Saturday, 21 July 2007


Yeah!! Finally I have 6 weeks vacation!!! Really love it, I don't feel too tired like the last 3 weeks or so. My feet hurt real badly, will have a feetbath this evening for them to relax. I also have a lot of headaches. That's what I'm worried about, as in January this year I had a sinus ignition (?? Hope that's the right word) and also had pain right towards my lefteye and that started last evening as well... It's ok right now, but am worried. Otherwise I will go to the doctor for some antibiotic. I just hope it's not the same this time.

Went to the hairdresser this morning. Really relaxing... having some chitchat and so on. Was there for over 40 minutes!!! Loved it!! Normally go to the hairdresser every 2-3 months, even though I have short hair and it grows really fast, but I have this great hair that I just have to style and I can go out :)
After that I did some groceries. And now I'm in the middle of cleaning my house. P.P. cleaned the shower and toilet, so that's fresh as well. I really love a fresh bathroom!
Have to pay some bills this week as well. Don't like them, but hee... guess nobody loves them :)

Also have to make a birthday-card for my brother who will celebrate his 24th birthday tomorrow (still know the day he was born and the days after that when family etc. came to visit). He's still my little brother, even though he rides a truck and is bigger than me :)

Don't have any photo to share yet, will update this thread with a photo of my Bro's birthdaycard when I finished it this evening :)
*UPDATED: Here's my brother's 24th Birthday card :) Used a Penny Black stamp, some Clubscrap paper and some letterstickers from my stash)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

3 hours, 15 minutes

That's the "official" time I have my class of 2006-2007 for the last time together, even though there are already some kids on vacation.
I really can't want.
We moved classrooms yesterday, so today and tomorrow I will be in a different classroom. Really love it! It's so large! I now have so much space for the kids to play. Really love it and today I also loved it, because they seem to really enjoy themselves.
They were singing, dancing and stuff like that. A bunch of happy kids today, will see tomorrow. Loads of kids will go on vacation to Turkey and Marocco. Wish I could be with them... having loads of sun (need it!!!) and just relaxing.
I feel I just need that, and loads of sleep as well. Feeling really tired and my eyes are as well.

Still have loads of things to do for the new schoolyear, but I promised myself not to be in a hurry. Need time to load myself. I really want to work on those things, but have to be fit in the first place and right now I'm not.

Oh... will go to the hairdresser this Saturday. Been over 2 months since I've been there. I can still put my hair in the right direction, but I feel it just needs a big cut so I can keep it in better form.

Don't have much to tell... Just need to work 3 hours and 15 minutes :)
I spy with my little eye... (went to the forest in October with the kids. There was also a playing ground.)

Monday, 16 July 2007

Just need a break, real badly...

Never had this feeling before, but right now I just want it to be my summerholidays.
Yes, I always love vacation, but this year it seems like I really, really need it. So many things happened and are still happening here.
Just feels like it's too much right now, too much to handle for me.
Only 5 more days.... just 5 more...

Leave you with some close-ups of CJ-entries I made :)

Sharon's CJ...
Misti's CJ...
Donnette's CJ...
Camille's CJ...
Alice's CJ...
Susie's CJ...

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Birthday Bash!

Yesterday, only a few hours ago... the Kindergarten teachers celebrated their birthdays together. That way we can have games all through the whole hallway and our classes. It's always a great sight to see all those kids with big smiles on their faces because they are enjoying themselves.

We started in our own classes with packing out all the presents the kids gave us. Got some really nice things! Loads of flowers, some chocolate, some speculaas (Dutch cookies..jummie!!), some showergel, a bracelet and a ring. They really spoiled me.
It's always funny to see the parents at the beginning of the day like: Didn't know it was your birthday! And when they come to pick up their kids, having some presents with them :)
Really have the greatest parents there are!

When my kids were in the class they spontainiously began to sing "Lang zal ze leven"(Happy birthday in English) and "Happy Birthday to you" (yeah, we also sing that one!!) and loads of other birthday songs. That moment really made my day! Seeing them all singing, the thing I really love doing with them (and hee... they sing really amazing I can tell you!!) and enjoying themselves. Felt some tears in my eyes of happiness. They're cute!

Then unpacking the pressies and kids who didn't have presents congratulated me with my birthday. After that a boy came to me and whispered in my ears: "Happy birthday dear sweet teacher. Hope you will have a great day!"
Now who can resist that, especially when you know he's the class most difficult boy, but he's changed so much the last year. From bad into good!! And I love to see that change!! Also other teachers notice that, so guess I'm on the right way :)

Here are some photos of today.
In my class the kids could make chipschains. A "dropveter" (a long licourice) with potatochips on it and they loved it!! All the kids (about 175!!) made them and it was fun!!!!

Well... just see the photos, they speak for themselves!

The girls and boys just love having their faces painted :) A girl of mine :) She was really into thoughts when I made this photo...
We have a game called "stoelendans", something like chairdance. There are about 10 kids and 9 chairs. When the music stops playing they all have to sit on a chair. One child doesn't have any and can't play anymore. Then one chair is put on the side, etc, etc.... Till we have 1 chair and 2 kids left. The one who sits on the chair when the music stops, is the winner :)
Catch the fish :)
Some kids of me :) Enjoying their chipschain :)
Making the chipschains...
"Jumping" is really hot overhere in Holland. Just watch this movie( and you know what these kids are doing :) It's really cool to see those little kids jumping..hehe

Tuesday, 3 July 2007



I've been thinking again over and over and now I just know I have to do it: Giving scrapbookingworkshops.
Have done them about 2 years ago and it was really fun, but now I know I want to give it a go big time *ahehmm...*
Just inviting family over for some really easy to make scrapalbums or layouts. They have to take photos with them so we can make something with them.
Already have the details out here and the workshops I really like to give.
I've been giving workshops for children aged 10-12 for 2 years or so right now and they really like them and are always asking if I will do more. So guess they like it :)
I will post some info about my workshops and would like some feedback on them! Thanks!

Well... it's almost 12 am so will go to bed. Just a quick post to let you all know what I've been up to lately :)
As always... a photo... This time from a Circle Journal I'm in. This time I wanted it to be a more artsypartsy (hee, I just like that word *BIG SMILE*) and not the regular papers, but really texture, paints, dirtyness..haha... Love it!! Really enjoying it!! :)
If you'd like to see what one of the other people made in this CJ, please visit Nancy's blog:

Sunday, 1 July 2007


I don't know why I deserve it, but things just keep breaking last week.
First my alarm clock (may it RIP :)), last Monday I went to a shop for a new battery for my watch and it since Tuesday my watch doesn't work anymore...
And now last Friday... I was in the snackbar to order some French fries and stuff to eat and the zipper of my wallet just broke!!
AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... people say things come in 3 when it goes wrong, so I had it all I suppose last week *LOL*
Don't know why I write it down here, but it just came to my mind to write it down for some reason. Probably to look back and think *POSITIVE* about it *LOL*

Today nothing much happened (it's 4.20 pm right now) so far, just having a day behind the computer for work, but have been surfing the internet only...hehe...
Well... will get back to work right now. Really!!!
As usuall will leave you with a photo :)
This one was taken on "Vlaggetjesdag" in Scheveningen. That's when the new herring is here. It's a day full of old handicrafts and old ships with loads of new herring to eat. Love it, especially with onions... jummie!!!

Saturday, 30 June 2007


Yeah, got plenty of work to do this weekend.
Loads for work and also some scrapping to do for some Circle Journals. Really love them a lot!!
Seeing all the different scrappingstyles people have.
They are not always my kind of soup, but they do their best and that's what counts!

Right now, I'm in the middle of cleaning my house. There are papers and other things everywhere and they should be with the garbage and so on!
My scrappingroom is really messy this time. Have to reorganize this space real soon, which means I really have to organize the things I have and make something with them *LOL*
I keep being *POSITIVE*
Last Tuesday I went to Ikea and bought a cognac-glass. I don't drink alcohol at all (don't like alcohol at all that is...), but my grandfather likes it and I was thinking: Why not scrap a photo of him, put some stones in the glass and put the scrapped photo in the glass. It will work... don't know when as I still have to take photos of him and my grandmother really soon.

So I'm full of ideas, but now I have to find some time to make them reality! But I will be *POSITIVE*
Last week has been a hard week for me at work, but I know I made the right decision about 2 weeks ago and I already see the difference and so do my colleagues, so that's something to be *POSITIVE* about.
Been to my parents in law party. They were married 45 years and had a dinner with their families and their own family with children and grandchildren. It was alright.
Last Thursday I heard I will be having the same group as the last couple of years. That makes my 7th year in row, or 9th if you count my courses with them.
I will also be moving with my class to the other side of the school and will change my class from 1d to 1b. Can't wait to be in my new classroom as I've been in a sort of the same one in the beginning and it was great to be in there!!! Having more space and a place outside where I can put my watertable and other great things. Really looking forward and am already planning how I wanna do my decorations..hehe...
The only thing which isn't funny is that the last years I was in front of the teacher's room, so I could easily take some tea and now it's on the other side of the school. But hee... I keep being *POSITIVE* as I get a great new and big classroom!!

Yesterday I had my last photography class of portrait and modelphotography. The other people also wanted to learn more and yesterday the teacher told us he wanted to go further with us, so that's great news!!!
We will hear the details soon, so I'm also *POSITIVE* about that *LOL*

That's it for me really right now. Only 3 more weeks at work and than we have our vacation. I know where I wanna go, but BF doesn't and it has to be in our budget... well... I just keep being *POSITIVE*!!
Oh... Why I'm using *POSITIVE* a lot???
At the beginning of this year we were challenged by Ali Edwards to use a word for a year and I choose *POSITIVE* and I learned these last weeks I just have to be *POSITIVE* and everything will be alright.
That's about it right now. Will leave you with a picture of my messy room...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

So much happened...

This defenately is a week to forget real quick, especially at work. Will not go into details, but I made a decision which was really hard to make.
Still not feeling too well after making that decision, but I know, and many people with me, that it's the best I could do, so I'm quite relieved with that, but why do I still feel so bad??
I know everything has their own meaning, so this must have been something to learn for me. I just don't know.
Slept very well yesterday. From 8 pm till this morning 8 am. Having a bad cough sometimes. Hope that will end soon. Otherwise I will get some medicine. Had some headaches too this morning when I stood up. Took a "paramolletje" (as I call this thing..), and now everything is alright.

I'm really into scrapping lately. Visited some blogs to inspire me, visited loads of online galleries to see all the great work other scrappers make. It's really fun!
Today I made a great layout, will show you only a part of it though... Hoping to become a DT member of a site, so really am nervous..hehe...
Really loved making this layout!

Today I went to the city to shop for a new alarm clock. It broke yesterday!! I was lying on my bed when me and P.P. heard a big "BOOM!!!". The tv was out, my pc was out... everything was out!! Luckily nothing happened, but my alarm clock is now officially dead. May it RIP :)
Wanted an alarm clock with also a function to play cd's, but those were a lot more expensive, so bought the 2nd cheapest clock around. After that did some more shopping, went to Pipoos, a craftstore, but there wasn't anything nice to buy. Didn't mind.
I'm challenging myself to not buy any stuff untill I finished 50 things, and right now I made 12 scrapthings, so not bad I think :)
Anyways. Looking forward to tomorrow. Loads of things to do, but really nice things.
For now it's tatatatatatata...

Sunday, 10 June 2007


I just finished 2 layouts and 1 mini-album today. Now I only have to get photos for in that album.
I also need more photos for some mini-albums I started at SAG, but finished these days (hooray!!). Will just wait for the other people from my model-and portraitclass who've taken some photos of me, so I will finally have some decent photos to use :)
Nothing much happening here.

Did some cleaning today, some washing (wish I had a washing machine sometimes), some scrapping and some major scraproomcleaning!
Put all my Heidi Swapp and Bazzill flowers into one big box, without their own boxes, so loads of space already! Also organized my albums. Now I have one part of my closet with albums which only need photos in them, one part with the albums I work in (like my 12x12" and 8x5x11" albums) and one part with new albums in all kinds of sizes. For some reason I just have too many albums, but hee.... better too much albums than no albums to put my layouts in, right?? ;)
Anyways... when I was cleaning... a box of buttons fell on the floor!! Can't believe it and the only thing I was thinking was: Luckily those aren't eyelets sorted by color so I don't have to sort them *big smile*
Made a photo of it... will upload it later.
Only one more hour till the tv-serie 24 begins. Really love this and it's really exciting!!
Gotta leave right now with a photo from the view I had from my bedroom during SAG:

Thursday, 7 June 2007


I really had no idea what to expect from Scrap-a-Ganza last weekend. I knew I had booked really too many workshops, but what I experienced that weeekend was way too cool!
Had the most wonderfull workshops I've ever dreamt of. Really made loads of cool stuff (have to finish loads too!!). Been to 16 workshops and finished about 4 already, including the make-n-takes (little projects you make within 15 minutes or less).
The atmosphere was so totally awesome, you just must experience it yourself.
Arrived Friday at about 13.30 at the hotel and my roommate Clara from Belgium (we had to speak English all weekend to eachother!! hehe) was already there.
Had some lunch and went to our room at about 15.00 when we could check in. 15.30 was my first workshop: Weather comes to mind from Karen Burniston. Made a really great mini-album about the seasons. Have to finish this.
Had some quick dinner before the 2 other workshops started at 19.00. It was soooooooo cool! Really enjoyed myself.
Saturday was my most exhausting day. Shopped a bit, my workshops started at 8.00!!! They were all too good to be true. Really made a good choice for the workshops, didn't regret a single one of them!
At 19.00 there was this workshop "About Me", given by Lisa Bearnson, the founder of the magazine! It was so totally cool to meet her in real life. She's such a sweet person!! We could let our albums sign by her sister, who made this awesome albumcover for me with my name on it!! And Lisa signed my album as you can see on this photo:
What was so special about this event was the following: it's really international! People from Ireland, Germany, UK, France, Belgium... really cool!! So I spoke English almost the whole weekend which was great. Had some problems with it on Friday, but when my parents came to pick me up this Sunday I was still thinking English and saying some English words. Really funny.
Why my parents had to pick me up? Will tell you later.
Even Dutch people spoke English to eachother as we didn't know if we were English, from another European country or just Dutch. So really cool to laugh about it when we found out we were both from the Netherlands.
The workshops were really cool! Met some really nice people (we had a 2 persons table and I sat to loads of people from different countries which was cool!).
From an Irish girl sitting next to me at one of Lance's (from Rusty Pickles) I heard I didn't have to come to the 2nd part of the workshop after meeting eachother later that Saturday. I booked the 1st part for Saturday and the 2nd at Sunday. So I thought... I have all the supplies, the book isn't that hard to make, lets try to see if there's a spot open on Sunday for another workshop and on Sunday I made it! Did another workshop!
Had to sit in front of the class. Met an English girl Saturday evening during Diva's night (we were all wearing Diva clothes, like boa's, tiara's and stuff... we met on the SAG forum) and she's so really really cool! Had some great laughes with her!!
So I spoke to her before my last class and she introduced me to the teachers and I had to sit in front..hmmm...
Well it was great!
During Saturday evening Diva's night I won some great goodies and on Friday I won a Junkitz-book... It's so good to win stuff!!
Not only did I get loads of stuff from the workshops, but I also shopped a bit and won some fab prizes!!
Here's the stuff I needed to bring home with me:

I had 1 suitcase with me, 1 scrappingcase and 1 big bag, but it just didn't fit!!! I had too many stuff to bring with me.
As the car broke down the Thursday before SAG, I had to travel by train, and had to go home by train as well.... but with all of this... no way... just too much!!
So I called my parents to pick me up. They were with my grandma (my father's mom), but they liked it. So lucky me!!
Today I'm here, still really exhausted from the weekend, but have met so many wonderfull people, had loads of great classes (actually learned how to work with alcohol inks!! Really fun to do this!!), but most of all... I had great laughs and enjoyed myself every minute of the weekend.
No regrets for me. It was the first time, but no way it's going to be the last one!!
Heard there was going to be a mini SAG this November, but am not sure to go or not. Next year there will be another SAG :)
We'll just wait and see. Will have to make a start with finishing all the wonderfull workshops... gotta go....