Monday, 17 November 2008


The last SAG... maybe forever?? I defenately not hope so, as this Saturday I enjoyed myself the best I could.
Did some awesome workshops, like the 2 of Karen Burniston (Joker's Wild & Oh Tannenbaum) which are absolutely great!!
Also liked the Poppetology workshop of Lucy a lot!!! Really, really lovely and I will finish this one this weekend.
Also did a workshop by Michelle van Etten. Already followed a workshop of her earlier this year, but this one..uhh... it was great if you didn't do this kind of thing already at home, and I did... so I thought it was ok, but nothing new for me.
Did a workshop with Cheryl Mezzetti (??) and she's a really lovely person. The workshop..uhhhmm... liked it, but not "that".

Had marvelous food all day, and the chocolate cupcakes were jummie!!!

It was so nice to see many people back, including Mary, a really sweet granny from the UK.
Mary... we'll defenately keep in touch! :)
And Lynn... you're always welcome here!!

Thank you all so much for a marvelous, never to forget, day!!
Hopefully we'll be meeting each other real soon again. Love ya!!

Did not take my camera with me, as I had to travel by bike and I already had my tote with me and my cropbag. Seeing myself with another large camerabag wasn't my thing...