Friday, 12 June 2009

Loads of things

Loads of things are going on here... working on quite a few cards for people to send and people who asked me to make some for them and other projects.
Nothing to show yet, but will make it up with you this coming weekend :)

And what about a challenge....
Please visit the Nutshells-blog and win some awesome stamps!!

Will be shopping tomorrow and buy myself some new Copic markers. A new addiction is born...hehe... Only kidding, love to colour my stamps with the Derwent pencils, but sometimes I just need a more brighter/intensive colour, and as there's a great offer... can't let it go *lol*
Will also go to the market over there, and they have a great booth with ribbons and laces.
Can't wait... Ow... just realise it's 12.00 am .... oh well.... sleep tight and see you later this weekend...