Sunday, 10 June 2007


I just finished 2 layouts and 1 mini-album today. Now I only have to get photos for in that album.
I also need more photos for some mini-albums I started at SAG, but finished these days (hooray!!). Will just wait for the other people from my model-and portraitclass who've taken some photos of me, so I will finally have some decent photos to use :)
Nothing much happening here.

Did some cleaning today, some washing (wish I had a washing machine sometimes), some scrapping and some major scraproomcleaning!
Put all my Heidi Swapp and Bazzill flowers into one big box, without their own boxes, so loads of space already! Also organized my albums. Now I have one part of my closet with albums which only need photos in them, one part with the albums I work in (like my 12x12" and 8x5x11" albums) and one part with new albums in all kinds of sizes. For some reason I just have too many albums, but hee.... better too much albums than no albums to put my layouts in, right?? ;)
Anyways... when I was cleaning... a box of buttons fell on the floor!! Can't believe it and the only thing I was thinking was: Luckily those aren't eyelets sorted by color so I don't have to sort them *big smile*
Made a photo of it... will upload it later.
Only one more hour till the tv-serie 24 begins. Really love this and it's really exciting!!
Gotta leave right now with a photo from the view I had from my bedroom during SAG: