Sunday, 1 July 2007


I don't know why I deserve it, but things just keep breaking last week.
First my alarm clock (may it RIP :)), last Monday I went to a shop for a new battery for my watch and it since Tuesday my watch doesn't work anymore...
And now last Friday... I was in the snackbar to order some French fries and stuff to eat and the zipper of my wallet just broke!!
AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... people say things come in 3 when it goes wrong, so I had it all I suppose last week *LOL*
Don't know why I write it down here, but it just came to my mind to write it down for some reason. Probably to look back and think *POSITIVE* about it *LOL*

Today nothing much happened (it's 4.20 pm right now) so far, just having a day behind the computer for work, but have been surfing the internet only...hehe...
Well... will get back to work right now. Really!!!
As usuall will leave you with a photo :)
This one was taken on "Vlaggetjesdag" in Scheveningen. That's when the new herring is here. It's a day full of old handicrafts and old ships with loads of new herring to eat. Love it, especially with onions... jummie!!!