Sunday, 2 November 2008

Nothing to show you yet...

That's because I've been working on my Dad's 60th Birthday Album the last couple of weeks.
It's been a blast working on that album with all those cool photos of familymembers, even my great grandfather and mother are in there!! Very lovely!!
Gave the album last Wednesday, made it very clean and simple, so the photos are the focal point and wow..... it was just great giving it!!

This weekend I've been working on my household...ironing, cleaning a bit and making loads more of Christmascards. Already made about 50 the last couple of weeks, but I just have to...
And I really need more, as I will be on a fair the 6th December, selling Christmasstuff (it's a fleamarket, but you can also sell some handmade gifts...). So I really need more *lol*

Today I got an email from the organizers of Scrap-a-Ganza, a great scrapbookingevent overhere, saying they will not organize an event in 2009.
I've been there a couple of times, my latest SAG was last June, and I really enjoyed all the times I went. Love meeting people from abroad!
And I also like the workshops! Workshops by Karen Burniston, Making Memories, CD Muckosky, etc. etc.... really cool!!
Fortunately I will be at SAG for the last time on 15th November! Can't wait to be there and meet old friends.
Will only be there for one day, but that's ok... got some great workshops to look out for.

Well... gotta go... nothing to show you right now...
Hope to do this next week...