Monday, 19 October 2009

Workshop decorating cake

I'm not doing much workshops nowadays, but this was something I couldn't let me pass :)
First we (me and girls of a scrapbookforum) were going to a bakery to decorate a cake and afterwards we went to the scrapbookstore for 3 little workshops... love, love, love decorating the cake.

Unfortunately we weren't able to make the roses and leaves by ourselves, that was a pity for me, would have loved doing that!

Would love to decorate more cakes, but with a bit more items on it... like those great Wilton-cakes!!
But then... OMG! I have to buy so many stuff and a new hobby is born, so I'd better not do it *lol*

But here it is....

Some details...

So... do I have to tell you the cakes tastes great, and I mean really great????