Thursday, 19 July 2007

3 hours, 15 minutes

That's the "official" time I have my class of 2006-2007 for the last time together, even though there are already some kids on vacation.
I really can't want.
We moved classrooms yesterday, so today and tomorrow I will be in a different classroom. Really love it! It's so large! I now have so much space for the kids to play. Really love it and today I also loved it, because they seem to really enjoy themselves.
They were singing, dancing and stuff like that. A bunch of happy kids today, will see tomorrow. Loads of kids will go on vacation to Turkey and Marocco. Wish I could be with them... having loads of sun (need it!!!) and just relaxing.
I feel I just need that, and loads of sleep as well. Feeling really tired and my eyes are as well.

Still have loads of things to do for the new schoolyear, but I promised myself not to be in a hurry. Need time to load myself. I really want to work on those things, but have to be fit in the first place and right now I'm not.

Oh... will go to the hairdresser this Saturday. Been over 2 months since I've been there. I can still put my hair in the right direction, but I feel it just needs a big cut so I can keep it in better form.

Don't have much to tell... Just need to work 3 hours and 15 minutes :)
I spy with my little eye... (went to the forest in October with the kids. There was also a playing ground.)