Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Ok, got great news and really the baddest news you can get.

Let's start wit the bad news. I have a leak in my appartment since last Saturday and I so do not like it!! My lower neighbour came up and told me she had water at her ceiling, so not good for me. But will not go into details... I'm really hoping everything will go alright with it as right now I don't like it anymore, specially with insurance!!!!!
The good news...

Finally went to the vet today. I have one down the block, so thought that was pretty cool. Last Monday I went there and they told me I needed an appointment for the Jet and Gizmo so I could go home and make one. Last week I phoned them a couple of times and yesterday I tried it for the last time, but no response at all!!! So I really thought: What if there's really something wrong with them, then I can't reach the vet!!!
So I phoned another one nearby, about a 10 min. drive (loads of trafficlights...., by bike I'm there within 5 minutes :) ) and they had some time this afternoon. Yeah!!!

So this afternoon I put Jet and Gizmo in the travelbox and went by car to the vet. They didn't know what was happening..hehe... For me it was really strange to go there, as I've practically been there only once... for passing away my eldest cat. So that wasn't a nice thing to remember about the vet... really worried :)

When I came in, I was shocked about the great atmosphere. Really friendly, loads of flyers about all different things the animals can get and about precaution and stuff.
I needed to give my information and also the names of the cats. The assistent told me they were "tortoise/turtle" cats, looking at their fur. She also told me normally those cats are always females, so I told her I thought that was also the case, but the vet needed to look at it.
People came in and were really cool about my cats! *yahoo!!* Asking me how old they were and stuff. It felt so good to talk about them since the last couple of days haven't been my most fave ones...
And then I was called by the vet.
She checked them, their eyes, ears, teath, stomache and also their gender!! *big smile*
She said everything is great. Nothing to worry about, only flees. I told her I also noticed them and asked her if they had some medicine, and they did, so bought it after I left.
She also give them an injection for catdiseases. Need to go back in 3 weeks time. Then I will also have them chipped.
They then will be registered and when I loose them and someone finds them, that person can go to a vet to check where the cat is from. I don't need it at my place as they will not go outside, but might need it at P.P.'s house, as I'm trying to let them out of the house there.

Oh, I forgot about their gender...hehe...
But here's the big news:
I have 2 sisters!! hahaha... So not a brother and sister, but two female cats!!!
I always told myself I wanted a female if I ever got a cat, and now I got two!! So my prediction was right, they are females! *YEAH!!!*
So now I have to mail the last owner of Jet and Gizmo to tell them they're females..hahaha...
Wonder how they react.

Well... have to go, but have to tell you 3 things:
1. (don't know if I posted this before...)
A great friend of mine also wants to start scrapbooking so we have to pick a date to start doing this.
2. Did some major sales scrapbookshopping at a warehouse in Amsterdam last weekend. Went their on Saturday with my bf and went back Sunday!!! Yeah.. I'm mad, but I got some great albums (like 12x12 now for only EUR 5,00 instead of EUR 27 in the shops!!!), great papers, loads of stickers and loads of great Prima flowers which I gave some to my mother as she really likes them.
Bought a great black All My Memories handbag on Saturday and a red one on Sunday. You can see the black one at the photo. Right now there are photos of Jet and Gizmo in it.
3. Will go to a scrapweekend in November:http://www.scrap-a-ganza.com/
Been there last June and I really enjoyed myself, now I only have to persuade a niece of mine to come with me! That would be so much fun!!!

Anyways... will leave you with some photos..hahahahah

Take care!!!
This is what I bought on Saturday. Bought loads of albums on Sunday and some more paper (can we ever have enough???)..
Can I ever have enough flowers?? Don't think so!!! See that look on my face! Really proud to get this glass as there were only a couple of people who were able to get one, and there were loads, and I mean loads of people who wanted one to! When I came home I saw I already had one of these..hahaha
I have two acrobats!! I left my bike in my kitchen this morning and Gizmo went on top of my steering-wheel and Jet just followed. Gizmo is a bit handier in jumping and stuff....hehe, but Jet was sitting on the tyre!!
Here we have miss Gizmo (named after Gizmo from The Gremlins, always liked that cute animal!). Gizmo has some lightbrown above her eyes.
Here we have Jet (named after Jet from the Freggles, a famous tv show with puppets I always watched). She looks the most like her mother, she has a black head with some brown. Did you notice her undermouth has 2 colors??

Jet absolutely loves water!!! Last week I showered and Gizmo came in... she walked into the water and didn't like it at all!!! But Jet... it looked like she was ready for jumping into it!! They're the best with their own characters...