Friday, 1 June 2007

Almost time!!

Yeah!! Only 3,5 more hours before I go to Scrap-a-Ganza and totally loving it!!
Have to pack my bag with clothes, but that's not a problem, the problem is I have to go by public transport as P.P.'s car has to go to the garage today for a new radiator and I so not love it!! We were planning to go to Egmond aan Zee together, having a few hours at the beach together, some shopping and stuff, but now plans unfortunately totally changed.
Went home yesterday and now I really miss him.
Well... will see him within a week I hope :)

Keeping positive...
Can't wait to be in Egmond and having a great weekend with loads of workshops (16!!!), some make-n-takes and off course some heavy shopping. Planning to buy some items I always really wanted, but were too high in price in my humble opinion, but now they seem to be *great!*
Made some nice forum friends swap cards we will trade this evening with 24 other people from the SAG-forum, so really looking forward to that one :)
Bye for me right now. Have to take care of some clothes :)
Will leave you with the last layout I made for the stamps challenge on National Scrapbook Day