Thursday, 9 May 2013

Weeks full of PARTY!!

Hi there!

Well... the people in The Netherlands had some fantastic parties last 1,5 week :)

It all started the 30th April when our Queen, now Princess, Beatrix abdicated and her son Willem-Alexander became our new king.
The whole country was in an enourmous partymood.

The abdication and inauguration was live on the telly, followed by an evening tour on the water, seeing things we're known for and the king loves, like sports, singing, etc.
It was a day to remember! Just loved it!

Normally we're celebrating Queen''s Day on the 30th April, but now it will be King's Day from now on on the 27th April, Willem-Alexander's birthday.

On the 1st and 2nd May the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, where the inauguration took place, was open to the public, so I went to Amsterdam with my dad.
It was WOW!!!! I just looooooooove flower bouquets and these were just fantastic to see (and smell!).

Here are some photos of that day...


We also remembered the people who died during the 2nd World War on 4th May and on 5th May it was again time to party :)
As that's the day we're celebrating WW2 ended in 1945 and having loads of freedom nowadays.

And now to my projects.... I made a "Dutch" celebration card.
Not only to celebrate our new king and 5th May, but also for someone who will graduate or something... don't know yet ;)

So here it is...

And we're not finished partying yet in The Netherlands, as next Sunday it will be Mother's Day.... so mom... here's my card for you :)

- CAS on Sunday: Sketch
- Dynamic Duos: Baja Breeze and Daffodil Delight

Thanks so much for coming over and hope to see you later on :)