Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's been...

SNOWING today!!

I went to a craftsfair today (only a 20 minute drive by bike for me...) and when I went there it only rained just really minimal, but when I left the fair at about 13.15 it snowed (even though the streets weren't white)!!

Went to the supermarket to buy some to eat and drink, and when I stopped there, I was like a snowgirl...all white, but the streets...still not white until I came out the supermarket!
It was snowing! And I just love it! I really felt happy today when I saw all the snow coming down.
Right now it's raining and there's hardly any snow left, but hee... the weathermen predicted there will be loads of snow tomorrow where I live! *YAHOO!!*

Here's a bit of a "snowimpression"...

This one is taken from my balcony...

These little ones will come out in Spring... some daffodills and "blauw druifjes". I just love how these photos came out with the water on the leaves.

And this is what I totally love... candles! Just put some new ones on the plate. I love the atmosphere when there are some candles.

And this is what I bought at the craftsfair...
Patterns to make the following things... Will buy the things I need this Thursday at a shop nearby.
On the first photo you can see two dolls dressed like "Appelflappen" which is what we eat in The Netherlands with New Year's Eve. Love to make them myself!
If interested, I can put down the receipe to make it...
And we also eat "Oliebollen" with New Year's Eve. Love them, but when I ate 2 of them, it's quite enough, while I can eat the Appelflappen the whole day *LOL*
This one is a complete one... Hopefully I can hang them in my Christmastree this year.
And this is the "scrappy"-part of what I bought... not that much in comparison with the Kreadoe, but that's ok. Bought a lot of this for 50%. I just love bargains! *LOL*
Helped Tessa out this Saturday on the fair and it was great to do it! She had 2 bouths with everything on sale!
Got some items from her for helping her out. Tessa, it was no problem! Loved it!
Have been making some more Christmassy items for the Christmasfair 6th December. Love them!
Have to get more items and I think I will make it in time, at least I hope so ;)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Made a card...

For my grandma's birthday last week.
It's a very simple stamped card, but just perfect for her.
Really love the Sarah Kay stamps a lot!! When I was younger I owned a Sarah Kay doll and I think it's still at my parent's attic with my other dolls... not sure though.

Ink: StazOn; Pencils: Derwent Coloursoft; Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: Daisy D's, Ribbon: own stash, Flowers: Prima, Brad: own stash; Edge distresser: Tim Holtz

And just look at this cutiepatootie...

I was shopping for my work, and I found this awesome keychain at a store. I'm so in love with it. They also had loads more Monchhichi's! Had a Monchhichi when I was younger, so again a sentiment bringing me back to the old times of childhood ;)

Nothing else to tell really.
But.... this weekend there's a craft's fair in Rijswijk and I will be there on Saturday at Tessa's booth. So if you're coming... please say "HI!!" I'd love to meet ya!!

Hope to see you!!

Monday, 17 November 2008


The last SAG... maybe forever?? I defenately not hope so, as this Saturday I enjoyed myself the best I could.
Did some awesome workshops, like the 2 of Karen Burniston (Joker's Wild & Oh Tannenbaum) which are absolutely great!!
Also liked the Poppetology workshop of Lucy a lot!!! Really, really lovely and I will finish this one this weekend.
Also did a workshop by Michelle van Etten. Already followed a workshop of her earlier this year, but this one..uhh... it was great if you didn't do this kind of thing already at home, and I did... so I thought it was ok, but nothing new for me.
Did a workshop with Cheryl Mezzetti (??) and she's a really lovely person. The workshop..uhhhmm... liked it, but not "that".

Had marvelous food all day, and the chocolate cupcakes were jummie!!!

It was so nice to see many people back, including Mary, a really sweet granny from the UK.
Mary... we'll defenately keep in touch! :)
And Lynn... you're always welcome here!!

Thank you all so much for a marvelous, never to forget, day!!
Hopefully we'll be meeting each other real soon again. Love ya!!

Did not take my camera with me, as I had to travel by bike and I already had my tote with me and my cropbag. Seeing myself with another large camerabag wasn't my thing...

Monday, 10 November 2008

Kreadoe 2008

Yesterday, I went to the Kreadoe, a craftsfair, and I sooooooo enjoyed it!!
Been there from 10 am till 4 pm and bought some very, very nice items :)

Just look at the BigShot... isn't it cool and lovely with that black and pink?? I do think so!
I have my "old & red" Sizzix machine, but have some dies I can't use (like the Bigz). I can use them in my mom's Cuttlebug, but I saw some very, very nice Stampin'Up dies I'd like to have, the extended ones, but the platforms can't go through the Cuttlebug, so I "just" bought this very, very lovely machine!! Wowie!! I also love the Prima Marketing line PEACHES a lot (look at those cutypaatootie pandabears!!) and found it at Kreadoe. The shop I wanted to buy the papers, didn't have the pandabearpaper anymore, but found another one... sooooooooooooo lucky!!

I just love October Afternoon paper!! Bought the Christmasline with some stickers... love it!! Specially the paper with the musicnotes.

What do you think about the newest Sassafrass-line?! I love it and can't wait to cut the papers with the gingerbreaddoll on it!

Offcourse I also bought some more..hehe... some cool Christmasstamps, a Cuttlebug embossingfolder, some prima flowers, some Magnolia-stamps (wow!! I still so love them!!), cute ribbons (they were on sale) and cool fabrics (love to make a project with it).

Some more October Afternoonpapers... Weathervane.

Creative Imaginations papers and transparency papers... love to make a Christmas clearalbum with it!

I also bought a lot of Bazzill (uhhmmm... I'm a totally obsessed Bazzill-freak *lol*). There was a shop with loads of Bazzill for under 30 cents a paper... that's cheap!!

So I bought a lot, but I have to tell you I bought a lot for shops prices or under for sale...not bad *lol*

Really enjoyed myself and hope to go to Kreadoe next year. Totally love it! Also to see loads of other crafts like "vilten" (dunno the English word for it), making cakes, making home deco-items with fabrics, and so on....

Friday, 7 November 2008

Sad news...

Have some sad news to tell...

Tessa Tegendraads is closing its doors :(
She's having a sale in her shop and online...
Really sad seeing another scrapstore go overhere in The Netherlands :(

Better news....
I will be going to the "Kreadoe" in Utrecht this Sunday. It's a craftsfair and really cool (at least I think so! *lol*)
They have a lot of my fave scrapstores overthere, so I don't have to travel from one side of Holland to the other side. Really handy and I just love seeing other crafts and hope to bring some cool fabrics with me and off course some great scrapbooking and stamping items!!
Already seen items other people brought and they look yummy!!!
Will upload a picture Sunday/Monday (if I didn't buy too much..hehe).

Haven't scrapped or make cards this week.
But have been making some cool home deco items to sell at the Christmasfair 6th December.
Will show you in a few weeks time...

Nothing else to tell really.
Been busy at work and next week will be a busy week as well, but will have a free day coming Monday. Yeah!!

For all my SAG-buddies... can't wait till next week!!!!!
See ya soon!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Nothing to show you yet...

That's because I've been working on my Dad's 60th Birthday Album the last couple of weeks.
It's been a blast working on that album with all those cool photos of familymembers, even my great grandfather and mother are in there!! Very lovely!!
Gave the album last Wednesday, made it very clean and simple, so the photos are the focal point and wow..... it was just great giving it!!

This weekend I've been working on my household...ironing, cleaning a bit and making loads more of Christmascards. Already made about 50 the last couple of weeks, but I just have to...
And I really need more, as I will be on a fair the 6th December, selling Christmasstuff (it's a fleamarket, but you can also sell some handmade gifts...). So I really need more *lol*

Today I got an email from the organizers of Scrap-a-Ganza, a great scrapbookingevent overhere, saying they will not organize an event in 2009.
I've been there a couple of times, my latest SAG was last June, and I really enjoyed all the times I went. Love meeting people from abroad!
And I also like the workshops! Workshops by Karen Burniston, Making Memories, CD Muckosky, etc. etc.... really cool!!
Fortunately I will be at SAG for the last time on 15th November! Can't wait to be there and meet old friends.
Will only be there for one day, but that's ok... got some great workshops to look out for.

Well... gotta go... nothing to show you right now...
Hope to do this next week...