Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Queen's Day

Yesterday it was Queen's Day in The Netherlands and this year I decided to sell some stuff. It was great, exept for going out of bed at 4.10 am!!! Thought that would be a nice time, so we could leave home at 5 am so we did and wow!!! I was totally shocked when I saw loads of people already sitting at the "Fred" (as we call the Frederik Hendriklaan here in The Hague).
There wasn't any room for me to sit, so I decided to sit at another road. We were there at 5.30 am and boy, it was so, so, so cold!! It was good P.P. left his shirt with me so I could wear that as well.
But at about 9.30 am it went out, as it was getting to warm and at 11 am I was sitting in my tshirt!
Really enjoyed watching all the people looking for stuff.

My parents and P.P. came as well, by bike. It was good and they also walked the Fred. I didn't. Left once to go to the toilet.
It was a day to remember and time passed quickly, couldn't believe that. It was fun.

Left at 4.30 pm or so with not many Euro's extra, but enjoyed the vibe.

By the way... as I was at fairs when I was younger, I saw a difference yesterday.
In the old days we didn't have to show people everything we had, but could leave stuff in boxes, they always went into them searching for stuff. Now yesterday, we had to show everything as people weren't searching any boxes!
Also made some cards, only sold one!! People overhere are still looking for 3d-cards and I think people aren't ready for stamped and scrapped cards yet, but that's just my opinion. Cause when I send my cards to people they really like them and are stunned about them!!
So... got to find a solution for that...

Not much more to say. Going to P.P. today, cleaning his house, doing some laundry, he's going to paint the stairs. Maybe even going to Ikea (http://www.ikea.nl).
Will also be cleaning my stampingroom there.

Leave you with a photo...