Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yeah!! Back online!! :)

Thanks to my great brother I'm back online since past Thursday!! *whoowhooooooooooooo*
I'm so glad everyting is normal right now. I had a virus (and I'm not a computernerd at all, so was quite scared loosing everything), but that's gone as well :)

I'm trying to find my way around again, seeing new challenges etc., making crafty things, etc. etc. on the internet. Wow... I missed so much in the last weeks, but it was also a good time to do other things at home.
Have so many plans for 2012, just watch my blog for updates :)

Anyways... gotta go right now, am in a crafty mood today, also baking my 2011 Christmascake. So many things in life I love doing, it's sometimes hard to make a decision.

Thank you all so much for visiting me the last weeks, even though I didn't upload things. I will make it up to you asap! :)