Monday, 18 October 2010

Instyle Stamps Release Week: Tilly

Wow... Time sure does fly fast!
Again it's time for a release week over at Instyle Stamps and I can tell you I just looooooooove all the new releases!
As we don't want to spoil you today with all the releases, this whole week you can find out about the releases at the Instyle Stamps blog.

Today it's time to reveal "Tilly". A sweet girl, swinging between the flowers.
She will be released this Friday :)
I made a bookmark with her.
You will not get 1 or 2, but you get 3 photos today, so you can see the bookmark doing it's job ;)

Here we have the whole bookmark:

A detail of the bookmark:

I just put a piece of paper between it, so you can see it working.

This is sooooooo easy to make, so this would be great Christmasgifts for anyone who likes to read a lot.
Great stocking filler! :)

Thanks for coming and don't forget to go to the Instyle Stamps blog for more info on the new releases this week :)