Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Again, I have a vacation. Not too bad I can tell you all! *LOL*

Changed my scraproom a bit. Got 2 new scrappaperclosets, the ones you see in scrappingstores. A scrapstore stopped and they also had these for sale and I can tell you... I just love them!!
Got my patterned paper in the 2 closets (35 dividers each, so I have a bit *too* much..hehe) and my cardstock is in the stackables (got about 45 of them, so I got loads of cardstock!!).
I moved my computer to my window and I just love it! Behind the computer, there is some room for Gizmo and Jet to look out of the window so really relaxing for me. They are here, but not bothering.. :)

Did loads of scrapping the last couple of days: 3 Halloween cards, 4 layouts and 2 mini-albums.
I made the cards with the Magnolia-stamps and I just so love them! They're cute. Already ordered some more. Love them!!

Here are my cards and a Doodlebug house I made recently :) TFL!!!