Sunday, 11 November 2007

Take That concert


So I went to the Take That concert 1st November and it was awesome!!
Really enjoyed myself a lot and it seemed like yesterday I saw them on 16th March 1995!!!
Saw some familiar faces at the concert, like people who've supported them over the years and off course Mr Robbie Williams (oh man.... I followed him everywhere I could in Holland ;) )

Found some really, really great YouTube movies on the internet...
Let me share you the best.... (can't choose really, but I so loved this song Give Good Feeling... really groovy... though the YouTube movie doesn't do it justice at all!!! And I found Could It Be Magic... One of my fave live songs of them....)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

There are a lot more nice movies of that incredible concert!
Really hope they'll come here really soon as I so love those concerts!!!

For the rest... Have been making some cards... one for my Grandmother's birthday November 13th and some other Magnolia-stamped cards. I so love those Magnolia-stamps!!!
If there was only one shop where I could buy some time...
Or I could start one???!!! That way I'm a billionaire within a few minutes *LOL*
Gotta go....