Sunday, 27 July 2008


I rarely go to any workshops the last 2 years, an exception made for Scrap-a-Ganza, but yesterday I went to Tessa with my mother for an alcoholink-workshop.
Made a very nice card (a great addition to my Vienna-album), a teacupholder and a tag.
My mother really enjoyed herself as she has never worked with alcoholink before, so everything was new for her.
Love the copper and silver finishing touches a lot!! (read: I want it as well!!)
Loved the technique we did on the tag, so I guess I need a new pen for the blending solution as well...hehe...

Bought some more cottoncord (love it!!) and a pencilsharpener.
After the workshop we went to Heesch for the Doll Housemuseum. We didn't know we had to pay money to come in, so we only went to the shop (such beautifull things!!!).
Did enjoy yesterday a lot!

Really enjoying the weather lately!
Have been on my bike quite a few times, been to the beach and tomorrow I will go there as well :)

Well... see ya later!