Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Getting my mojo back

Finally I found my mojo again during this weekend at Scrap-a-Ganza.
Started Friday-evening with some classes of CD Muckosky. I really didn't feel like scrapping about over a month, but during these classes my mojo came back and on Saturday-morning I finally thought scrapping was fun again :)
You can't imagine how happy I am this finally happened!

Followed loads of cool workshops this weekend, like the ones of CD (specially liked the albumtrack with loads of great techniques!), Donna Downey (it's really easy to make a great album!! Quick and simple!), Dyan, Melodee, Jen and the Making Memories workshop.
Really enjoyed talking to loads of people who I've met before and met online the last couple of weeks.

But I must say I really didn't like the food at all!!
Breakfast was great, we got a great buffet, but during lunch there were small sandwiches and some soup, but I really didn't like the bread at all.
And dinner was awfull!! I know I don't like all the food, but this was really strange, as there was an Italian buffet and the only thing I ate was pizza (which I can get at the local supermarket for EUR 2,00) and I so didn't like it!! And I heard the complaint from more people there.
Breakfast on Sunday was great!! But lunch... uhhmmm.... everything but great!!

There were also a lot of things missing from the organisation-side and I'm not sure I will ever come here if service and food will not change as I pay a lot of money to be here.
Well... just wait and see eh?!

This Tuesday I've made some "thank you"-cards for family and friends as they send me some counters/stamps for forks, knives and spoons to get at a supermarket.

Also made a card for an old friend of mine who's getting married this Friday.
Will show you some details of the cards and will show the whole cards Thursday as I will send them today and don't wanna spoil it *lol*

Anyways... here they are....

I also met two lovely ladies, one from Norway and one from Sweden during SAG.
They brought me some really cool Hanglar & Stanglar stamps as I can't order them overhere or online, so I'm so really, really, happy with these ones!!! Can't wait to make some awesome cards with them!! Here's a photo of my stamps. Really so love them!!

Thanks for watching my blog...

**bye from Holland**