Sunday, 17 June 2007

So much happened...

This defenately is a week to forget real quick, especially at work. Will not go into details, but I made a decision which was really hard to make.
Still not feeling too well after making that decision, but I know, and many people with me, that it's the best I could do, so I'm quite relieved with that, but why do I still feel so bad??
I know everything has their own meaning, so this must have been something to learn for me. I just don't know.
Slept very well yesterday. From 8 pm till this morning 8 am. Having a bad cough sometimes. Hope that will end soon. Otherwise I will get some medicine. Had some headaches too this morning when I stood up. Took a "paramolletje" (as I call this thing..), and now everything is alright.

I'm really into scrapping lately. Visited some blogs to inspire me, visited loads of online galleries to see all the great work other scrappers make. It's really fun!
Today I made a great layout, will show you only a part of it though... Hoping to become a DT member of a site, so really am nervous..hehe...
Really loved making this layout!

Today I went to the city to shop for a new alarm clock. It broke yesterday!! I was lying on my bed when me and P.P. heard a big "BOOM!!!". The tv was out, my pc was out... everything was out!! Luckily nothing happened, but my alarm clock is now officially dead. May it RIP :)
Wanted an alarm clock with also a function to play cd's, but those were a lot more expensive, so bought the 2nd cheapest clock around. After that did some more shopping, went to Pipoos, a craftstore, but there wasn't anything nice to buy. Didn't mind.
I'm challenging myself to not buy any stuff untill I finished 50 things, and right now I made 12 scrapthings, so not bad I think :)
Anyways. Looking forward to tomorrow. Loads of things to do, but really nice things.
For now it's tatatatatatata...