Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's been...

SNOWING today!!

I went to a craftsfair today (only a 20 minute drive by bike for me...) and when I went there it only rained just really minimal, but when I left the fair at about 13.15 it snowed (even though the streets weren't white)!!

Went to the supermarket to buy some to eat and drink, and when I stopped there, I was like a snowgirl...all white, but the streets...still not white until I came out the supermarket!
It was snowing! And I just love it! I really felt happy today when I saw all the snow coming down.
Right now it's raining and there's hardly any snow left, but hee... the weathermen predicted there will be loads of snow tomorrow where I live! *YAHOO!!*

Here's a bit of a "snowimpression"...

This one is taken from my balcony...

These little ones will come out in Spring... some daffodills and "blauw druifjes". I just love how these photos came out with the water on the leaves.

And this is what I totally love... candles! Just put some new ones on the plate. I love the atmosphere when there are some candles.

And this is what I bought at the craftsfair...
Patterns to make the following things... Will buy the things I need this Thursday at a shop nearby.
On the first photo you can see two dolls dressed like "Appelflappen" which is what we eat in The Netherlands with New Year's Eve. Love to make them myself!
If interested, I can put down the receipe to make it...
And we also eat "Oliebollen" with New Year's Eve. Love them, but when I ate 2 of them, it's quite enough, while I can eat the Appelflappen the whole day *LOL*
This one is a complete one... Hopefully I can hang them in my Christmastree this year.
And this is the "scrappy"-part of what I bought... not that much in comparison with the Kreadoe, but that's ok. Bought a lot of this for 50%. I just love bargains! *LOL*
Helped Tessa out this Saturday on the fair and it was great to do it! She had 2 bouths with everything on sale!
Got some items from her for helping her out. Tessa, it was no problem! Loved it!
Have been making some more Christmassy items for the Christmasfair 6th December. Love them!
Have to get more items and I think I will make it in time, at least I hope so ;)