Saturday, 6 February 2010

Tim Holtz *yahooooooooooooooooooooo*


I just had a great day today.
In the morning I went to one of my fave scrapstores overhere in The Netherlands (have to travel normally about 1,5 hour, but today it took me over 2 hours to get there... ah well...).
Got some nice papers, also the newest line of My Mind's Eye: LUSH.
Love those papers, not the textured though. Well, I like them a lot, but really do not like to work with flock, doesn't feel alright to me.
Anyways... spend too much money *lol* But I know I won't get there for some months (is this a good excuse??).

After that I went to another scrapstore, well, actually more a stampingstore.
But before that I went shopping and got myself some nice sweaters and blouses for spring. Love them!

But... that really wasn't my goal, it was the store as Mr. Holtz, Tim Holtz, would be there!!! *yahooooooooooo*
I follow his blog for some years right now and I just always think it's amazing what that man can make!
I enjoy his art a lot and the best thing... on his blog he posts loads of photos how to make items yourself. Now that's just amazing as it's really easy to make items.

Anyways... It was just amazing meeting him.. he's really nice and sweet and... and... oh yeah.... it was a pleasure meeting him!!

Also bought his newest book and he signed it for me :) (as he did for the other ladies):

Also went on the photo with him (no, won't show it online...sorry...) and all the ladies had to go on the photo with him, so he could put it on his blog :)

Anyways... It was a marvelous day which I like to repeat a lot of times :)