Saturday, 2 May 2009

This is why I scrap...

Yesterday-evening and today was saying goodbye to my grandmother.
It was so lovely and it felt good. Just like I wrote before, no more pain, no more sorrow.
She will be missed, but it's ok, she had a beautifull life with loads of painfull and joyfull memories and seeing someone in so much pain... it was her time to say goodbye and be with her beloved ones on the other side.

Today, in the morning, the sun was shining really good, but just after noon it came colder and windier.
But when my grandmother arrived at church the sun was coming through the clouds, shining heavier than before and hasn't stopped shining since.
It was so beautifull and felt so warm inside.

And why I called this blogentry "This is why I scrap"??
The family had a photo of grandma, but an aunt didn't like it and said I had made a better, one that really captured grandma like she was. So she told her son to find it at the computer and when it was found, she was sending it to the others telling that this photo was better, more grandma.
And yesterday my father told me that photo was on her coffin.
Never thought a photograph could be so meaningfull for people, except me, who took that one.
And that's why I scrap... not only for myself, but also for others to remember, cherish the beautifull (and sadfull) moments in life. Just the little things that life makes so beautifull.
And we were talking about it after the funeral and there were so many people who agreed, but never thought of that before. Just the little things....
People thought I was crazy to take photos of the most weird (in their eyes) things, like things around your house, photos of clothes, etc. etc. Capture things in their reality, the little things that makes life so beautifull. But now they know better... why I do it and hopefully it opened a few eyes to cherish the simple, little things...

And that's why I scrap....


Annelies said...

Fijn dat je op zo'n goede manier afscheid hebt kunnen nemen van je oma.

Hoe gaat het met je?

xxx Annelies

Angélique said...

Het gaat goed. Uiteraard wel af en toe slikken en nog wel wat dingen, maar het gaat goed. Het is goed :)

Annelies said...

Dat heb je mooi verwoord! Ik heb precies hetzelfde meegemaakt...vorig jaar september en november zijn mijn opa en oma overleden en bij beide begrafenissen zijn foto's gebruikt die ik gemaakt had, inderdaad zoals ze waren. Op de dag zelf en achteraf veel verzoeken gekregen om de foto's door te mailen en op te sturen!

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