Saturday, 25 April 2009

Been on the radio!!!

About 10 minutes ago there was a competition to know the name of a person who was speaking about something on Radio 538.
I call this station a few times with competitions (some great ones!!), but this time, I was in the studio **yahoo**
It was sooooooooooooooo strange to hear yourself coming out of the radio hahaha.
I just woke up, and I always listen to that station and heard the voice and just knew it was Reinout Oerlemans. So I just tried to come through and I did...
So I said that to the host and he was wondering why I thought that and I said "Well, because of his voice" **duhhhhhhh**
He wanted to know why it was that man and I told him and he said that man was directing a famous Dutch book everybody has read overhere. Sorry, but not me..hehe
Wow... pretty cool **LOL**

So now they will send me a goodiebag with at least a tshirt in it.... they said they will send it as soon as possible... not a bad start of my weekend and holidays **yahoo!**

Well... this was my little adventure today so far *LOL*
Have to clean the toilet know (life can be sooooooooo hard)


Debbie said...

helemaal top Angelique dat is nog eens leuk wakker worden

nicolet said...

Haha, geweldig zeg!!
Enne... een fijne vakantie he!! :-)
Groetjes Nicolet

Annelies said...

Hahahaha... wat gaaf!!! Tof dat je ook nog wat krijgt ook!!! Wel op de foto zetten he, als je het binnen hebt!! Met welke 538 DJ heb je gesproken trouwens???

xxx Annelies

Claudje said...

wauw luister ik een keertje niet ben jij op de radio!!! Gefeliciteerd hoor vind het altijd heel moeilijk die stukjes hihi


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