Saturday, 19 July 2008

Rainbow in the sky

When I wanted to close my curtains this evening I saw this amazing rainbow outside.
Don't you just love rainbows?? I do and I always wanted to have rainbows on my photos.
Love them!!
Have a photo of a rainbow when I was in Vienna on holiday a couple of years ago as well and I just so love it!!

It's been a busy, very, very busy week for me.
Yesterday I had to move my class to the classroom I've been in last year and the year before.
I have the tables all set and the closets are also where I want them to be. Now I "only" have to arrange the little things for the coming schoolyear.

Finally my vacation has started and I so love it!!
Will be cleaning my house drastically, will be painting my hallway and have some more house-issues to deal with. Will be ok.

I also made a blogbanner today and got my blog a new layout. Hope you like it.
I loved the pink, totally adored it, but right now I love the clean, simple white background :)
Please tell me what you like....

Will be making a card right now... so bye bye for now :)


Tessa Tegendraads said...

prachtig angeqlique, echt super mooi!! Wat een buien vandaag he??

Op naar het mooie weer!!

XX Tessa

scraptamara said...

Joehoeee ik heb je genomineerd voor een award.Ik kreeg hem van Jinka.Natuurlijk moet ik jou dan ook nomineren hihi.Zet op je blog dat ik je genomineerd heb met de foto van de award en geef hem dan door aan 7 andere scrappers.

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