Thursday, 25 October 2007


I feel so lucky having a vacation. It's really relaxed this time, compared to the summerholidays.
Cleaned my house a bit yesterday as I won a prize: a man came over to tell me how much my house is worth.
I was quite surprised about the price he named, and I mean very surprised!! *LOL*
He was really happy about the way my house is (4 bedrooms, new kitchen, new central heating, new bathroom, etc.), very modern he told me and when I was going to sell it I could ask a bit more, as my house is totally finished and new people can come in without having to do much (exept for a bit of painting, but that wasn't nesessary as well). So yes, I was surprised!
Also scrapped a bit, made a layout of Gizmo. Really experimented with paint etc. this time and it felt good!! No photo of it yet :(

Nothing much today... went go out to do some shopping. Went to the center for the Take That cd, but it still wasn't there!! :( Hate it, as I really wanna have it, as I'll go to their concert next Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it.
Been a huge fan of them since 1993 or something, they split up in 1996, but now, 10 years later, I will be able to go to their concert again!! I really can't believe it!!
You can follow this link to hear some music of them and see some nice photos of them :)
Always had a crush on Markie... he's a cutie!! That defenately didn't change! *LOL*

Anyways... been to the center and after that, went to a scrapstore. Bought the latest Doodlebug Plain & Simple flowers
Will be decorating them after Christmas I think. Though it would be nice to alter them for Christmas with some Christmascolors. Don't know yet ;)
Did some more groceryshopping and this evening I settled myself down to work on my father's New York-album.
He has his birthday next Monday, but celebrates it Sunday, so made him an star-album. Almost finished. Will upload a sneakpreview tomorrow.

Not much more... so better go to bed to get some sleep. Will be scrapping tomorrow all day long *YAHOO!!!*

Forgot to thank you all for your nice comments on my previous post :)
And another something... got an idea coming up... just be patient and read my blog within a week :)


Annelies said...

Bij welke scrapstore heb je die plain en simple flowers gevonden? Ik ben er ook al een tijdje naar op zoek namelijk!

Annelies (van 't royallemonforum)

Angélique said...


Ik heb ze bij SBN vandaan :)

Annelies said...

Ik heb er nu ook één thuis staan :). Nu nog even bedenken hoe ik 'm ga maken :).

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